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    MobileMe Aliases On iPad 4.2.1

    Am I missing somthing, i presumed after the update that I would be able to send from my MobileMe aliases, not just the main user ID? I can do it on my iPhone 4, so why not my iPad with 4.2.1??? Thanks in Advance Clarkee.
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    Best professional-quality photoviewer?

    Sorry, I should have said that you need to put them in an album to begin with! Then follow the steps I suggested.
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    Best professional-quality photoviewer?

    If you manually organise your images in iPhoto, then batch rename them, something like 'portraits1' 'portraits2' etc, when you Sync to your iPad the photographs will be in that order in the iPads iPhoto app. That way works for me anyway :)
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    iPad wont sync Movies from iTunes encoded with 0.9.2 version of handbrake (or earlier

    i have been trying to sync my iPad with my Mac Mini, all is going well apart from it wont sync certain movies. The only thing i can see with the films it wont sync is the version of handbrake is was encoded with. It syncs all the movies i have bought from the iTunes store, and any of my...
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    Wifi Performance

    My wifi has been working well at all times in my house, where I have an airport base station, and in several other locations with wifi. But today I visited my mums house and after signing in to the wireless, the iPad didn't see it. I turned wifi on the iPad on and off and no more problems...
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    Mobile Me Syncing Issue

    I don't have any issues with syncing contacts, or calendars. My only issue is with having my emails pushed through to my iPad. mikestoolz, I think you may be right and apple are up to something. I hope so at least.
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    Mobile Me Syncing Issue

    Is anyone else having syncing issues with their .me accounts? It doesnt seem to be pushing all my emails through to my iPad. For example, I heard my MBP alert me to emails I had received earlier on my .me account, but they have not come through on my iPad. Any ideas? Thanks in advance...