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    iTunes library and reformatting

    I just installed an SSD in my computer. I'm having a bit of trouble, because I exported my library, but apparently it only worked for music and movies. I have a lot of books that are stored on another drive that is currently untouched, but they are dug in deep in various folders and I'd rather...
  2. K

    Free app that acts as mouse/keyboard for PC?

    I have several on my phone already, but I'd like something that I can use as a wireless mouse/keyboard for my HTPC in case its on the charger. I already have an XBMC remote, but sometimes I need a mouse/keyboard for other things. Thanks
  3. K

    Why don't American TV stations have live streams?

    For example, CNN, ABC, etc. CNN has live streaming, but its only of press conferences, not their actual channel. I can't imagine their advertisers would care because they'd get more exposure and it would only benefit them if I can watch more Wolf Blitzer. The only people who might care are the...
  4. K

    With the improved GPU/CPU...

    So, the CPU is technically twice as fast and Apple claims that the GPU is nine (?) times as fast as the original iPad. Given this massive increase, will there be apps, and specifically games, that will take advantage of the iPad 2's power? My reason for asking is that, if these numbers are...
  5. K

    Does cydia have my 3.2.1 shsh blob?

    Hello, I've been using 3.2 since I got my iPad. I missed out on 3.2.1, stupidly, because I wasn't paying attention. I never updated to 3.2.2, but I did save my SHSH blob when I jailbroke using Spirit on 3.2. But, when I open up Cydia, at the top it says in green: "SHSH: iOS 3.2, 3.2.1, and...
  6. K

    Wyse PocketCloud

    im surprised that this hasnt been mentioned among the other vnc clients. this one actually streams sound, and at pretty good quality. Over WiFi, Ive found that the video quality is better than iTeleport. another interesting thing is that, unlike iTeleport, it actually converts the computer to...
  7. K

    pinging my ipad - i think there's a problem?

    I've been noticing some serious lagging when streaming from Air Video onto my iPad. I decided to ping it in Windows and stumbled upon this. This type of ping is completely unacceptable.. I am literally less than a foot from my router. If I let it go for a couple of minutes, it will time out (it...
  8. K

    Is the iPad a laptop replacement?

    A little background. I had a two year old Dell laptop that Dell couldn't fix, so they refunded me $1300. Thats the short version. So I bought an iPad and decided I would spend 800-900 on another laptop. Im a student in college, although I'll be getting a job in about a year. I have been...
  9. K

    First time jailbreaker

    Hello, I have a 16GB WiFi iPad. Although I've rooted my Droid, I've never jailbroken any Apple products. I'm aware that they are more or less the same thing.. But I've seen someone's jailbroken iPod touch and it looked a lot different and had some GUI differences from the original i believe. I...