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    iPad Forum notifications

    In your email notification there should be a link to unsubscribe from the post.
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    dongle for internet

    See if o2 has a tethering plan. This will allow you to connect to your phone (via Hotspot) with either bluetooth pairing or wifi.
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    Ios 6.0.1

    Not really worth the trouble. Wait until 6.1 comes along and MAYBE the maps will be fixed.
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    Hold button blocked

    Try holding the power button (top right) on iPad for about 10 seconds or so to see if the iPad will reboot. As far as the hold button is concerned, that is a hardware problem that will need to be fixed.
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    Bluetooth connection problem

    Thanks to Duckkarl........problem solved!!
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    Bluetooth connection problem

    I have a tethering plan and used my iphone as my hotspot for my iPad. Recently, while trying to connect i mistakenly hit the "forget this device" option. I can not pair the two any more because they will not recognize each other. Any suggestions on how I can reset the pairing so I can tether...
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    Notification emails

    You should have the option to unsubscribe from the thread within your notification.
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    Locked ipad

    Need more information about your problem. What are you trying to do?
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    Safari wont open

    See if Safari is running in the memory. To do this click the home button twice in rapid sucession. The icons at the bottom are apps running in the memory. If Safari is there, hold the icon until it wiggles and has an X in the corner. Tap the X and it will remove it. Now hit your home button a...
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    Problems with App store

    Have you tried a reset since you updated?
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    Need to activate password protection on App Store

    Tried duplicating but could not. Everytime I tried to make a purchase free or paid it asked for Apple ID password. If you need to change it go here:
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    Creating "favorites"

    When in Safari Click the icon square with the arrow on it, then tap bookmark. Your bookmarks wiil appear in the bookmark list which is accessed by tapping the open book icon at the bottom.
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    How do I update to new ios on a brand new omputer

    You can authorize the new computer to accept your iPad. Go to iTunes and set up a new library the prompts will let you authorize. Apple lets you authorize 5 times. With regard to the upgrade, I am assuming you want to upgrade to iOS 6.0. That needs to been done wirelessly. You need to plug in...
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    Ideas for removing Bubbles from Armored Case

    Try dusting the screen with baby powder first. Wipe clean and apply your Invisi Shield. The powder helps pick up small debris, moisture and some oils.
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    You can also try Gazelle, they buy used electronics.
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    YouTube and iOS6

    YouTube is currently working on an App for the iPad. The App currently available is only for the iPhone which gives a smaller window on the iPad.
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    Upgrade iPad 2 to ios 5.1.1 problem

    Try this: upgrade the software with your iPad plugged in and connected to wifi. Go to settings and select software update. Follow the prompts.
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    How to stop apps syncing to diff devices?

    Create two different libraries. One for each device. When opening iTunes, hold the shift key down and a prompt will come up asking you to select the library that you want. These libraries are usually stored in the Music folder.
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    Charging problem

    Make sure your not loosening the connection with the charger and the iPad. Sometimes a loose connection can cause this, especially if your trying to charge through a case.
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    iPad restrictions

    Have you tried to doouble click the home button twice rapidly and closed the camera app? It could still be running in the memory and stuck. If that does not work have you tried rebooting your iPad?
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    Calendar sync issues

    Go to settings....check the calendars...your phone or iPad may have created a new calendar and you dont have sow all calendars checked.
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    iOS 6 App Store Download Speeds

    I have to agree with scifan 57. There has been an increase in speed in downloading.
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    Google maps help please

    Sit tight Goggle Maps is going away in the next iOS upgrade.
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    Ipad 2 still worth buying

    Agree with Kaykaykay, It just keeps improving. I have a 2 but the 3 is better. All up to personal situations. Both are GREAT devices and should meet all your needs. The 3 is simply an improvement with some great enhancements. You have to jump in somewhere...hold your nose and dive in. I don't...
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    cant view my e mail from ipad 2 and its brand new...

    What type mail account did you set up?
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    Need urgent help my ipad is stuck on the boot screen

    You may want to post this on the Hacking forum here at IPF. iPad Hacking You may have better luck with a response especially since it's jailbroken. Those over there are amazing!
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    Office software

    "Documents To Go" lets you view and edit files but like dhewson777 said, its limited in what you can do. It will not show charts, pics, etc. It works great for simple work. "Office HD2" is another but I do not have any experience with it. My friend swears by it.
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    Tv series

    Try "Crackle" for the older ones, "ABC player" is OK for the newer ones (on ABC naturally)
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    Is the IPAD 2 able to use pdf for slideshow?

    The only app I could come up with that may help is App Store - Slideshow Remote Read about in the app store or the author's site. The Lite version is free but they do have a Pro version paid as well. By saving the PP to a PDF you basically have "flattened" the PP to a PDF file for viewing one...
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    connecting ipad and iphone

    Try the bluetooth settings and pair the iPhone with the iPad
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    App Content Does Not Refresh

    Try this....tap your home button twice the bottom it will show you the apps running in memory....tap and hold the problem app until it shakes and there will be a minus sign in the upper corner....tap to close the your home button again to return to your home...
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    Ipad 2 wont't rotate

    Is the small button on the top right side of you iPad switched on. there is a dual purpose for this button, one is locking the screen position so it doesn't rotate.
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    Wifi connection

    Sounds like a problem with Air Display. How is your signal strength with just connecting to WiFi without using Air Display? Try looking here if you have a good signal. Avatron Software: Support Q&A
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    That's a tough one! The only thing you didn't mention was resetting the wifi router. Not sure if this will help but it's worth a try. Just unplug the router (power) wait a few seconds and plug it back in. After it reboots give it a try. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you!
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    Cant get calander, contacts etc to sync from iMac to iPad 2

    Glad to be of some help. :D
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    Screen protector
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    Office program

    Do you have MS Office on your computer? If so you can sync with Outlook and the contact, calendar & notes will sync to the iPad albeit in different apps. Have you tried to search the App Store? Your basically looking for a PIM (personal information manager) like Outlook. Try "SmartContact for...
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    Screen protector

    Personally I would just get a case that protects the screen. I have yet to find a screen protector (film type) that was easy to apply without getting some bubbles under it. Enjoy the beauty of your screen.