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    Bluetooth connection problem

    I have a tethering plan and used my iphone as my hotspot for my iPad. Recently, while trying to connect i mistakenly hit the "forget this device" option. I can not pair the two any more because they will not recognize each other. Any suggestions on how I can reset the pairing so I can tether...
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    Get purchased apps from old Apple ID

    I have 2 Apple IDs. I have some purchased apps that I would like to download under my new Apple ID in order to sync them. Can someone give me the steps I need to take to accomplish this? Thanks in advance!
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    Combine two Apple IDs in to one

    I have 2 Apple IDs. One for my iPhone 3GS and one for my iPod Touch and iPad2. Is there a way to combine the accounts in to one so that I can sync with the same computer. I have a library set up on my laptop for the iPhone but afraid to check the Apps box to sync for fear of losing my apps. I...