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    Btc stack mouse & trackpad problem

    Purchased and installed this app and it does not discover any Bluetooth mouse.... I noticed the on/off toggle does not appear in Bluetooth options as the screenshots show on the Cydia app page. I've attached a screenshot. Any ideas?
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    Remote iPad management

    I Know there are lots of apps that allow you to take control of a pc or Mac via the iPad. My question is are there any apps that work the other way? Either desktop to iPad or iPad to iPad. I work as an IT Pro in an environment with several iPads. My job would be much easier if I could help...
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    Directv app doesnt work with jb.

    I know this has been a problem in the past but the old threads don't seem to help me. I've got an iPad 2 5.01 with JB. I've used the Directv app for some time with both xcon and the Directv IPad patch from Cydia running. it's run fine until a couple of days ago when the app updated. Now the...
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    Pinch to home screen not working

    I've got an 3G 32gig ipad2 5.1.1 with jailbreak. I've had the jailbreak since it came out and have had zero problems until today. All of my finger gestures work except pinch to home screen. It worked fine until today. Not sure what happened. Anyone else have this issue? Sent from my iPad...
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    directv detection

    hi all. I was using my Directv app with the Cydia tweak the that doesn't allow Directv to detect the JB. All was working fine until I updated Directv app yesterday and now my Cydia tweak no longer works. I tried reinstalling the tweak but Directv app still won't open saying it won't work on...