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    Screen Cracked?!

    My iPad 2 just fell from my bed and the screen got 2 curved cracks, one starting from the bottom left and ending just above halfway on the left side and the other on the top going around the camera and ending on the top right corner. I just got the iPad in December, is there anything I can do...
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    Wooden dock theme?

    I've seen some screenshots with one, but can't find it anywhere. Sent from my iPad 2 using iPF
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    How to stop Cydia from rebooting?

    When I'm downloading multiple apps on Cydia, it gets annoying having to reboot after each one. Is there a way to make it wait and then just reboot when I'm finished? Sent from my iPad 2 using iPF
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    Hide Apps

    Just jailbroke my iPad 2! I'm wondering how to hide apps WITHOUT using SBSettings?
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    All wallpapers look terrible

    Whenever I set a new wallpaper, one that's supposed to be the size of the iPad, it zooms in and makes it blurry. If I try to zoom out, it is then not big enough to fit the screen. This is vey frustrating because only one wallpaper that I've tried has worked and I don't like it that much. Sent...
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    Need a new iPad 2 case?

    I have an OtterBox Defender Series, which is perfect for when I go to school because I know it will be protected, but it's way too much bulk for when I'm at home. I'm looking for a nice, lightweight case that protects the back of the iPad and can give me a little sense of security. (Preferably...
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    Dropped iPad, Switch Stuck?

    I dropped my iPad off of a bed, no cracks or anything, except for the bottom right corner being dented a little and a dent on the top right by the volume button and the mute switch. The volume buttons work fine, but the mute switch is stuck and doesn't work. Just got the iPad on Christmas and...