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  1. AFAngryWarrior

    Is Apple getting carried away with releases?

    I love Apple. I have had every iPad they have released as well as iPhones. When the iPad 3 came out I hesitated for a while. There was a few nice changes like 4G and a retina display but that was it. It took a lot for me to justify the upgrade to myself. It took even more convincing going...
  2. AFAngryWarrior

    New iPad no loner fully charging !?

    I've had an iPad 3 since the first day it came out. I ran to the Apple store and picked up my pre-ordered iPad. I've used the same charger and the same apple USB cord since the first day I brought it home and every day before this past week it charged to 100% and I'd take it to work and it...
  3. AFAngryWarrior

    Bye Bye Zagg Folio ... Hello Belkin Folio

    I've experienced just the opposite. I love the Zaggfolio on my new iPad. I bought it for my iPad 2 and when I got the new iPad I didn't think it would fit but it does. I have a case friendly screen protector so it doesn't get caught by the edges of a case so my screen protector is still...
  4. AFAngryWarrior

    Zagg screen protector

    Not according to Zagg or Bestbuy. They swear the "New" iPad screen is like a 1/2 millimeter different and that iPad 2 protectors won't work. I was to worried to take the chance so just bought the one marketed for the new iPad.
  5. AFAngryWarrior

    Google Voice Help

    This is a setting in Google Voice. Log into and Go to settings > Phones. Ensure the text settings are correct. If you don't want calls ringing to your phone un-check the device. For the device you're receiving text to but don't want to un-check "Recieve text messages on...
  6. AFAngryWarrior

    Good Accessories Guide for the New iPad 3rd Generation

    Targus VU 360 leather case for portability, Zagg Folio for when I need to type something, Zagg Sparq 2.0 for when I'm not near a charger, and my stereo BT headset for listening to music, movies, etc discreetly.
  7. AFAngryWarrior

    Engraved iPads?

    That't not a bad engravement because it doesn't only apply to you like a name. I should have thought of something along those
  8. AFAngryWarrior

    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 now I"m having 2nd thoughts thread!

    If it truly was 100% better I wouldn't have cancelled my order. Its not about the money or going broke, its about justifying the purchase. Besides voice dictation, tell me (1) thing the "New iPad" does that I can't readily do on my iPad 2? I have 20/20 vision and a home entertainment system...
  9. AFAngryWarrior

    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 now I"m having 2nd thoughts thread!

    Congratulations to you both (ticka1 and bzbmum) on the purchase of your first iPad. Whether or not the 3 is worth upgrading to, its 100% worth buying if its your first iPad. If I didn't have the iPad 2 I wouldn't have given it ANY thought. I would have purchased the "New iPad" without...
  10. AFAngryWarrior

    is the Current Wi-Fi + 4G LTE Model Unlocked ?

    I work for one of the major providers and can confirm that they are indeed locked. You will need your PIN/PUK from the provider in order to unlock it. Unless you're out of contract my company wont give it to you.
  11. AFAngryWarrior

    Engraved iPads?

    Although engraving is a nice touch to personalizing the device. I never engrave any of my iDevices. For one I always end up covering the back with protective covering. The other reason being whenever a new device comes out my old one gets sold on Craigslist. Unless by change someone with my...
  12. AFAngryWarrior

    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 now I"m having 2nd thoughts thread!

    Like most everyone else on this forum I am admittedly an Apple "Fanboy". I join you in speculation prior to an Apple release with a sense of giddy suspense. I clear my schedule for any Apple press conferences to ensure I'm able to watch the whole thing via a liveblog. I have an iPhone 4s, and...
  13. AFAngryWarrior

    Which Configuration of Ipad to get

    I agree 100%. I own the 16GB iPad 2 and I always have to decide what to delete because I'm always running out of room. So when I pre-ordered "The New iPad" I got the 32GB one. I went wifi only though because my wife and I both have tablets and instead of paying for (2) 4G data lines with...
  14. AFAngryWarrior

    AT&T or Verizon?

    ATT has like a 1% LTE coverage area, the rest is covered by HSPA+ which is upgraded 3G and nowhere near 4G. Verizon's 4G network covers 196 major metro areas serving 200 million Americans.... We all know VZW has the most reliable network and I can vouch for their speeds. In my home my 4G...
  15. AFAngryWarrior

    [POLL] What model of iPad 3 will you get?

    I guess i'm in the minority. I'm only 1 of 2 people who ordered the 16GB 4G LTE version. I've never used more than 16GB on my iPad 2. I'm not a music listener and usually only have 1 or 2 movies on file.
  16. AFAngryWarrior

    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 Thread!

    Took a few try's to get through, but I finally got my order through!. My Black 16GB iPad with 4G will be here soon!! Can't wait to slap my 4G sim card in that baby! 4G in my area is faster than my home My iPad 2 3G is already listed on Craigslist!
  17. AFAngryWarrior

    How To Install Siri On The iPad 2

    And you don't NEED an iPhone 4s there are a bunch of Siri proxy servers out there both free and paid.
  18. AFAngryWarrior

    Using a projector with ipad 2

    I just use OfficeHD and store my presentations locally. Then I have a pico projector that hooks up directly to my iPad.
  19. AFAngryWarrior

    Flash app

    I use iSwifter I've tried the rest mentioned and it's the only one that worked on all the sites I needed to use. I use it a lot on project free tv to watch TV on my iPad or to play facebook games.
  20. AFAngryWarrior

    Anybody have tankbots?

    I bought one from Toys R Us to use at my desk at work. I love it, it's not exactly the most stimulating toy but it's fun to control with my iPhone or iPad on my desk.
  21. AFAngryWarrior

    [GIVEAWAY] Caseen VIBE Stylus for Capacitive Touch Screens

    iPad 2 I would like one to use with my iPad 2 ( and iPad 3 if it comes out soon!).
  22. AFAngryWarrior

    What are the accessories you use the most?

    Mostly my smart cover, but also a few different bluetooth accessories like a keyboard case, and a mini bt keyboard for easier transport. Then I have a BT headset for listening to music.
  23. AFAngryWarrior

    Is there a walkie talkie app that works through 3G and plays the message instanstly

    i use tikl on my ipad and iphone and it works on android too so i can talk to my wife on her android device.
  24. AFAngryWarrior

    Ipad cracked screen prepare to pay $400

    I agree.. No store replaces broken tech for free. You should either take what comes or be prepared to pay. I personally have my iPad insured through the Worth Ave Group iPad insurance program. That way if I do brake mine I pay a $50 deductible not $400 to replace a screen...
  25. AFAngryWarrior

    BtStack Keyboard/Mouse better on 5.0.1

    Odd I did t have any KB or Mouse issues prior?
  26. AFAngryWarrior

    Absinth rare bug, what was it? Have I got it?

    I had the same problem until I installed "Crash Reporter" and looked at the crash logs. It's usually a mobile substrate extension or spp that relies on it that causes the crash. Look at the log and determine which cydia app comes up in the crash log and remove it that helped me. For me this...
  27. AFAngryWarrior

    Have You Got “iPad Shoulder�

    I've had my iPad for almost a year and for the last two months my right shoulder has been giving me a problem after extended iPad use while sitting with it in my lap. I never even thought it was because of my iPad use until my Dr. Had read the article and asked me how many hours a day I use my...
  28. AFAngryWarrior

    Tv episodes

    ISwifter is worth paying for.. That's how I watch 90% of my Tv shows through Project Free TV. $4 isn't going to break you...
  29. AFAngryWarrior

    has anyone tried photon flash web browser

    I tried it and didn't like it as much as iSwifter. ISwifter let's me stream videos without having to switch back and forth between a flash and Non-Flash it's just always on and it doesn't require a high amount of bandwidth. It lets me stream TV shows from Project Free TV and photon would not...
  30. AFAngryWarrior

    iPen for iPad

    Looks awesome, I would definitely buy one. Is this your project?
  31. AFAngryWarrior

    Jailbreaking ipad 2 IOS5 (hang on in there!)

    I dont know if Paid jailbreaks are scams... I paid $19 to a site for a lifetime subscription and they've always been up to date on the latest jailbreaks and are much easier to comprehend than the jailbreak posts here for non-technical people. Plus all the software needed is downloaded right...
  32. AFAngryWarrior

    Homemade Swing-Arm Mount For Headboard

    Sweet!! I'm working on a portable version using a flexible mic stand and iPad holder at the end so you can use it anywhere. Your version must be awesome for movies and the other person is right that would even be cool for a small flatscreen tv! You should patent it! I. Et bestbuy would sell it.
  33. AFAngryWarrior

    Upgrade to iPad 3 if Only 3G?

    I may not even consider the first 4G ipad whether its the ipad 5,6,etc... I jumped on the first 4G phones from Verizon and while the speed was amazingly fast it drained my battery like crazy.. While using 4G I only had 2hrs of use on my phone before it needed a charge. So I would wait to see...
  34. AFAngryWarrior

    Ultimate Couch Potato iPad Stand

    Ps. I was just about to buy the stuff to make one myself when I saw they actually have mic stand iPad adapters so you wouldn't have to make the holder portion yourself. It's a little more expensive but works just the same.
  35. AFAngryWarrior

    Ultimate Couch Potato iPad Stand

    Clean it up to a finished design and I would spend $100 to buy one! I think it's a great idea even for those just watching their Fb, twitter, or even stocks while watching TV.. I would buy one in a heartbeAt!
  36. AFAngryWarrior

    People really don't talk about Movies or Free Software here.. Here are a few I use. Moderated...

    People really don't talk about Movies or Free Software here.. Here are a few I use. Moderated - please review the rules! Free movies = piracy and don't advertise other websites. Unfortunately without Flash streaming has to be for the Apple platform...
  37. AFAngryWarrior

    Verizon Messed Up Big Time

    Ugh... Dont get me started on the Verizon Salesperson... Madoff could have learned a thing or two from them! Not only have I seen what you described countless times because they want to make that commission at ANY cost taking up as little time as possible. So instead of calling a manager or...
  38. AFAngryWarrior

    iPad 2 3G: No 3G internet access, No APN & Error 1631 in iTunes

    I'm having the same problem (But Mines with Verizon Wireless). What did you do with the iPhone Configuration Utility to fix your issue? I downloaded it but there aren't that many options other than "Create new profile" and I'm not sure what to change? I appreciate your help immensely!