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    Can't use mini iPad due to lost password

    Yup, there's a problem. Just updated to 10.3.3 and can't log in anywhere two step ver. Is used. Let's hope Apple fixes it soon. Hang in there!
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    McDonalds Free Web

    I don't understand this McDonalds website, they started blocking most VPN's That's why I don't go there to view anything but YouTube, tried several different protocols at several different locations. ?
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    Thank you, and Happy Mothers Day!
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    Hello everybody I'm not familiar with iBooks, and want to get a book on my old Ipad 2 for Mom. How does this work? Does the adio book download to, or on the iPad? Or does the iPad need wifi connection for her to listen? Can she use iBooks without internet connection assuming the book is on the...
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    iMessage is a gray area for me because I've never had any interest in it. They could be standard text msg, but where would I find them on an iPad?
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    Hello all I'm not really sure how iMessage was activated, but I have it turned off. And notification is also turned off yet my ISP, ( att) can override my settings and put a pop up on screen saying they sent me a text msg. This isn't a big problem but rather a small annoyance. Can you delete...
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    Just bit the bullet

    Good to know, as I look forward to when we don't really need pc's or laptops anymore. If your so inclined, share a drawing or art work here, l have seen a drawing or two that Twerpoet has made that was interesting. I wish there was a board here dedicated to member art work, not that I could...
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    Just bit the bullet

    Have you given you pro the "Lindsey Stirling/CRYSTALLIZE" test yet? If not go to YouTube and watch this video!
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    Just bit the bullet

    NICE! I'd really like to enjoy some YouTube videos on that screen! But you probably got that for bigger and better things! Enjoy!!
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    Image/Photo Thread Of Any Images You Would Like To Share....

    Wait a minute, are they flying from Canada or to Canada? Now I'm confused.
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    Image/Photo Thread Of Any Images You Would Like To Share....

    Now departing Canada, at a crusing altitude of about 1500ft, now over NY, with a destination of golf courses and parks all over the east coast. Non stop flytes for two days now. That's a lot of geese! I guess it's springtime!
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    Tim Cook, Larry Page & Tech CEOs Hold Secret Meeting with Top Republicans about Donald Trump

    This is disgraceful, you make phones and tablets, I'm tired of politics!
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    Judge Rules in Separate Case That Apple Does NOT Have To Unlock an iPhone

    I have faith in Mr Cook, that he will make the right desision on behalf of his customers.
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    You haven't finished with my problems yet.

    Twerppoet, I'd be interested in your opinion on Watchtower within 1password if you would care to give it. I've had it on for a while and haven't got any warnings or anything. Is this feature something you like?
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    Hacked on SuperBowl Sunday

    This sounds like an alarm app, some of these are difficult if not impossible to turn off especially if you didn't buy the app yourself. Are there any alarm apps there that someone else in your household might be using?
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    Galaxy to thinking of returning

    I'm sure we're all tempted at times, but I know I'd most likely return to Apple. Why? IOS seems to me to be much simpler to learn and use, simpler is better. Many of the things people don't like about IOS appeal to me, like all things from Apple only. Once again not all will agree. I read a...
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    Screen protector and case advice

    Hello inpwillaims The Otterbox saved my iPad mini2 just the other day! Yup I dropped it. I've had two Otterbox's on two mini's. Never had a Griffin. Both of these are good. I see no reason to use a screen protector with either one of these. There are some rainbow laminated looking anomalies on...
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    Google Paid Apple $1 Billion USD to be the Default Search Engine on iOS

    Google has always been there anyway. as long as we have the option of choosing another search engine, what difference does it make? Thanks for the scoup dgstorm.
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    Failed Bluetooth pairing on iPad air2

    Creepy guy? Where's the creepy guy? You mean that handsome fellow above? Why, I should be that handsome!
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    iPad Mini 2 connects to wifi but not interet

    I think I replied to another thread similar to this, I have the same problem every now and than on my mini2. Here is what usually gets me connected. I'm guessing the "GET CONNECTED" page does not pop up. Try this, check mark the wifi network you want in settings, wait 30 seconds to see if the...
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    Email/subscriber question

    Thank you for your response Actually I was more concerned about the app developers sending me junk mail after I cancel service, to the same email name as my Apple ID. These apps require an email just for misc. communication. But GOT IT. Thanks again.
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    Email/subscriber question

    When I buy an app and subscribe or buy service through in app purchases, most of the time you will have an account on the app developers we'd site to access things such as an control panel extra. Some services I have or like today, I might not want tomorrow. My question is, rather than give...
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    Cases for the mini 2 w/retina display

    Good luck And thank you for your service, I mean that!
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    Cases for the mini 2 w/retina display

    Hello 2wg. I have had both the mini and mini 2 and they appear to be identical in size. Both had an Otter Box and I like the Otter Box because it adds thickness to the iPad. The iPad just seems to fragile and thin too me. Not all would agree. The iPad might warm up a bit if used for long...
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    Is there some way to know what is being downloaded?

    A couple of YouTube videos in 720p can easily eat up 500mb of your data plan. Do you have a cellular data plan? That's why I frequent the coffee shops. Cellular is convenient but you could use up 3gigs in no time on YouTube.
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    iPad Air 2 Pessimist

    I've experienced similar problems in the past and I've learned not to panic or get to upset about these things. I can usually find a solution or a workaround on my own and even if I can't the problem usually resolves itself over time. So my message is dont get to crazy about these things. I...
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    problem starting new iPad mini 2 for camera only use.

    I would say the iPad without connectivity would be a poor choice for a camera only device even if you could use the camera without activation with an Apple ID, (not sure about that) because you would not be able to move those pictures to another device without connectivity. I think this is what...
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    Unknown app on home screen

    I would do the update to 9.0.2 and hope for the best. I can tell you that 9.0.2 is good on my mini. I'm happy with 9.0.2 No big problems yet. Good luck!
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    Unknown app on home screen

    Does it appear in settings/General/storage &iCloud usage/manage storage in that condition? (assuming you are using ios9)If so maybe you can delete it there. I would think it should be there. If not I would compare what's is there to what is on my screen to find out the problem app
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    Unknown app on home screen

    I'd like to see this app, can you post screen shot?
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    What music are you listening to right now!?!?

    Man, I really like this one!
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    My upgrade experience LOL

    For your entertainment of course, so I stopped at McDonald's to catch a YouTube vid. and decided, hey why not get the upgrade, the YouTube video was loading pretty fast so why not. A cup of coffee and start upgrade and back to YouTube. One hour remaining. So... 10 videos later and another...
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    Apple Planning to Launch its Own Mobile Virtual Network

    Thanks Maura, I'll need some time to weigh the pros and cons. Yes it is interesting. I like the idea of roaming different providers. Although I don't want to pay too much more than I already do.
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    Wifi when out & about

    I have an iPad mini 2 and when connecting to public wifi I have found a roundabout way to get connected. After checking the provider you want in settings, wifi, I then go to safari and click on a bookmarked site to prompt the "agree to terms" or "get connected " to show up. If it isn't a...
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    Austrian Sights

    I didn't want to enjoy all off these postcard perfect pictures without saying thank you. I really like photos of faraway places. I guess I'm one of those armchair travelers The OB mentioned. Wow that's a lot of history! Thanks again! Smiley face here!
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    Hello jaba123 No. If (erase all data after 10 failed attempts) is turned on, iPad will still need 10 try's to erase your data including the ability to use the (find my iPhone) feature either way your data is fairly safe. You can also use an extended passcode to lock iPad instead of just a simple...
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    If 10 failed attempts is on, your data will delete when someone tries to guess your password in an attempt to reuse your iPad. This would be the first thing someone would try. But your personal info would be gone. If you want to try and find your iPad, you should probably turn ( erase all data...
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    Satellite Tracker?

    I remember reading about SpyMeSat some time ago in the news. I have no use for it but it did look interesting. Found under iPhone only.
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    Civil War Battles - Virginia & Pennsylvania

    I'll bet one of you guys follow /Beau Ouimette/ on You Tube? If not, check him out somtime. He's primarily a Civil War relic hunter. What makes his metal detecting videos stand out is that he is very respectful. Learned a lot from him.
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    Questions about site security risk

    Agree! I use two step verification where it's available, such as on my Apple ID and my email. Your going to have to have physical posestion of my cell phone even if you have my passwords. I am always amazed at some of my friends that don't even lock their phones, let alone even know what two...