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    Anyone here not impressed by the new ipad 3 screen? Or not find it worth the upgrade

    no wasnt that impressed, yes i have 20/20 vision.. I remeber when plasma tv were over priced when they first came out feels the same way.
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    Am I The Only 1 Not Upgrading ?

    Looking at the IPAD 3 sections i glad i didnt upgrade, looks like alot of people are having head aches...
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    iPad to TV Issue

    The TV out is under, settings - general then you should see a tv out. And make sure it is plugged into the tv or it will not be there.
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    iPad to TV Issue

    Not sure about the ipad 3 but on the 2 when your plugged into your tv go to settings - tv out - widescreen. Hope that helps.
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    New iPad vs. iPad 2: Which One Should You Get?

    I take the free one..But if you had make the choice on which to buy the best thing would go a local store and give both a test drive, from there you can warrent which is better for your needs.
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    Does it fit in the Clamcase for ipad 2 even though its a tad bit bigger?

    I have the clamcase for the ipad2 it is a great case. The ipad2 sits in pretty tight but it is plastic so it could bend alittle but id be worried about breaking one of the clips. Have you looked the ipad1 cases they would be made alittle bigger?
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    Is the new screen that big of a deal?

    im not leasing a tablet every year am i?
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    Does iPad 2 Cases really mess up the proximity sensor. Pong Research says Yes.

    i wear a tinfoil hat when I use the ipad or microwave so I think im okay..
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    I went to play with a new ipad.

    The way i look at it is, is the screen itself worth the 600$ upgrade from a ipad
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    Am I The Only 1 Not Upgrading ?

    I went to a local store where they had a side by side comparison of the 2 and 3, and i must say for the money id have to loss in selling my ipad 2 and buying the "3" im much happier staying with the two. I watched hd youtube movies and the movies play great on both. The sale man opted me to try...
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    Is backlight bleeding normal

    The money apple sells these things for, you should not have to "live" with any imperfection.
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    search bar

    Thanks for the help. I did go to bing the otherday for the first time to see if I could get a better answer, and just noticed it had changed.
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    search bar

    My search bar in safari went from being google to bing somehow, how do I get it back to google?
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    Does your iPad 3 heat up excessively?

    i boilded an egg off mine...
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    does anyone know where itunes saves its files so i can manually put files in with ifile.
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    if you sold your ipad2 for ipad3, how much did you get it?

    sold my ipad 2 for 400 and bought an ipad 3.
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    ipad to ps3

    Was wonderng if there was an app that lets you stream movies from the ipad to your ps3?
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    Ipad2 and keeping up with the joneses

    im gonna wait to see when ghe jail break is before i see about buying.
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    Ipad Storage Limit

    You can buy more then 5 gb for icloud.
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    Splashtop app

    Anyone use this app, it's great for playing any flash content. I can carry my Mac computer any where now! No lag like I had with other vnc apps.
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    Keyboard and mouse

    Jail broke Ipad can use a mouse and keyboard combo.
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    iPad 2 old tech?

    I guess I should have done more research, for the money I would have bought MacBook air.
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    iPad 2 old tech?

    I bought my girlfriend a iPad 2 for Christmas this year anyone else feel like they wasted their money, for something new to come out 3 months later?
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    DisplayOut problem. iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1

    Display out is a cydia app
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    DisplayOut problem. iPad 2, iOS 5.0.1

    You try going into settings and go to the display out options?
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    Opening a file with another application

    When I use Ifile and am moving files around movies for example, I use cut and paste which deletes from where it came from.
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    component vs hdmi ipad

    I currently have the component cable used for an iPad 1, was wondering if there would be much difference with the new hdmi ?
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    VLC sound

    My vlc player on my iPad 2 will not play sound, but it does show the picture. Any idea?
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    App closing.

    Just wondering if there is an app for when you press the home button the app closes for good, instead of having double press the home button and close each one manually.
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    What sport do u like or play?

    Play (ice) hockey.
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    Trickside ipad

    Thanks, I got her back running!
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    Does a jail broken iPad allow one to load their own movies to the device?

    Itransmission will let you download torrents (movies) from the Internet. Ifile with VLC will let you watch them.
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    Use mouse on ipad?

    Jailbreak iPad.... Btstack mouse
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    Still Undecided On Jailbreaking?

    I have a super Nintendo on my iPad.... That's all I have to say.
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    Use mouse on ipad?

    I use the mouse when I play online poker and typing in class. I like using the touch screen as well. Some apps and situations are easier with mouse same goes to the touch screen. I like the option.
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    Trickside ipad

    Hey, I was wondering if anyone has had trouble with the "trickside" for the ipad 2. I can no longer unlock my lockscreen. Anyone know how to get rid of it? I also installed a program called "Iexploxer" does anyone know where winterboard would be saved or where trickside would be saved? Hope...