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    iPad 4 or nexus 10?

    I sent back three defective Nexus 10s in a row. The third was even an open box that had already been returned once before. I ended up getting a iPad 4 and I'm very happy with it now that I've jail broken it. I would recommend staying away from the Nexus 10, there are some really severe...
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    Anyone know if there is Webdav for Skydrive?

    I use Otixo for WebDav. It seems to work well with SkyDrive, but that isn't my main cloud storage so I don't have too much experience with it.
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    Office App Comparison

    QuickOffice and Documents To Go recently released updates to their apps. I will update the OP with the new features as soon as I get some free time (heavy course load this semester). Short version: QO added more cloud and social networking connectivity and improved printing. D2G improved the...
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    I am a New User of an Ipad. App help pls?

    I have a niece and nephew around that age and every time I see them they commandeer my iPad. They love the Angry Birds games. They also like Solar Walk, iFireworksLite, Molecules and the Mars/Moon Globe apps. GoPackGo was dead on about the Onion and Netfix apps. I also like Pulse for news...
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    Which office program is best for college?

    If you're willing to spend the money, the iWork set is pretty nice. I own it, QuickOffice and Docs2Go and I use iWork almost exclusively. The downside is that getting edited documents out of iWork can be a bit frustrating. Hopefully, this will improve in the fall with iCloud. Converting from...
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    Which office program is best for college?

    QuickOffice has pretty good MS Office compatibility and cloud support as well. However, it's somewhat limited in terms of function. iWork has alot more functionality but it can cause alot of formating issues going between the iWork and MS Office formats regularly. What specific tasks and...
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    Trying to decide iPad2 or not?

    Sorry Alison, rereading my post I realize it was perhaps worded a bit harsher than necessary. I didn't mean it as an attack on you or your opinion, just my disagreement with your conclusion. Appologies.
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    Trying to decide iPad2 or not?

    I really have to disagree here. I've dealt with Apple's customer service twice so far and the experience hasn't been great. My first iPad was defective when I called Apple they said I would have to send it to them and then wait 3+ weeks (the shipping estimate at that time) to get a...
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    Trying to decide iPad2 or not?

    At this point I would advise waiting if you're thinking about about an Android tablet, especially the Transformer. The Transformer 2 is about two or three months away. It will have the newer Tegra3 chipset and run Ice Cream Sandwich. Personally, I'm planning to sell my iPad 2 and buy that...
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    Best app for MS Excel functions

    I checked quick, Numbers has both IF and LOOKUP functions. Its the only one I found that did.
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    Most overrated and underrated iPad apps?

    I agree with Tim that the NASA app is underrated, by my vote goes to Pulse. I like to stay well informed and having tons of news sources complied in one place is great. For most overrated I would say iFile. I bought it after jailbreaking and wish I could get my money back. The iPad's...
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    What app is best for working on documents?

    You can transfer files from a pc to iPad with iTunes, but its not the most ideal way to do it. I would recommend a DropBox personally. You get 2 gigs of storage free and it makes for a fairly painless way to move files to and from your iPad from where ever. As for which word processing app is...
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    Excel on iPad

    GoodReader is your best bet (in my opinion at least) if you're looking to edit and annotate PDF files.
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    Microsoft office

    There is no way to get MS Office to work natively on the iPad. You can either use one of the iPad office suites, or use a remote desktop program like SplashTop to control a pc and use MS Office that way.
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    Office App Comparison

    Pages can do colored text actually. Highlight a section of text and click in the "i" icon. At the bottom of the menu there is an additional text options menu and color is in there.
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    Office App Comparison

    If a document is created iWork and imported to MS Office it will work ok. Office 2010 will give a warning a out it being unsafe and put it in read only mode. But that's about it. Charts and tables will need to be tweaked a bit to look right as well. I think iWork has trouble converting that...
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    Office App Comparison

    Numbers is about it if you want to create graphs. Its graph making is pretty crude, but it let's you create some basic ones. Sent from my iPad 2 using iPF
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    Office App Comparison

    Hello iPad Forums! I’ve been lurking on here for a while getting info about my iPad. I figured why not make my first post some useful information. I browsed this forum for quite a while trying to get information regarding the various office apps available for the iPad. However, about all I...
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    are you a mac or a windows user?

    I recently switched my laptop to Ubuntu Linux. I'm pretty happy with it.
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    Black or white iPad 2?

    I bought a black one, but it was defective and when I exchanged it they only had white in stock. I think I like the white better not that I've had it for a few days.
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    Numbers - can it sort?

    There is a sort function within Numbers. Tap on the table area of the data you want to sort, there will be grey bars above and to the left of the table. Click on the part of the bar above the column that the data you want to sort is in. A pop up menu will appear and sort is one of the options.