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    wer in the heck are my apps

    ok resynching unit several times still no apps how do i redownload apps they show in itunes and when i go to app store on ipad they show in stalled
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    wer in the heck are my apps

    after i did ios 4.2 update all of apps are not on my ipad were did they go and how do i get them back on ipad
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    question about itunes 9.1.1

    finally got my imac to reboot everything is working fine thanks for the imput seadog
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    question about itunes 9.1.1

    can someone help me with this dilemma
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    question about itunes 9.1.1

    i started to download new version of i tunes on friday on my mac went all the way down 1 min remaining then that min ute to 5 min well 5 min came and went no itunes now its sat about 26 min remaining does it take this version that long to download
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    trouble syncing ipad to itunes

    iPad doesn't doesn't show up in iTunes menu
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    trouble syncing ipad to itunes

    went to sync ipad with itunes and it would not sync i had my ipad since april 3rd can anybody give suggestions
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    apps being misaligned

    i fixed the problem hit the power button and the home button i remember that sometimes the use of thes 2 buttons help
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    apps being misaligned

    today after using my ipad and it went to sleep i woke it up and the apps were misaligned and would not work any sugestions greatly appreciated
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    Are you an Apple Fanatic? What Apple products do you own?

    i own a imac with ihome keyboard and a magic mouse a 32gb ipod a160 gb ipod a32gb ipad airport extreme
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    What other Apple products do you own?

    My first apple product was an ipod 160 gb i still have but battery wont stay charged. I own an apple ipod touch 8 gb and love it also i own an ipod touch 32gb which i love.i own an apple imac 20" screen with an i home keyboard and 1 wired mouse,aiport extreme,and a magic mouse.most recently an...
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    Got It!

    just looked at my tracking says on destination sacan
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    How Many People Have No Tracking Updates?

    i just checked my shipping status and mine is in louisville ky