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  1. brandiem09

    Change to Sepia

    When you open a book, click on the AA and slide the button to turn sepia on. :)
  2. brandiem09

    Eye-Strain while using iBooks (iStrain?)

    Martin, he is expressing an opinion, just as you are. There are several recent threads where you can post your questions, or even read them to find your answers. The fact that you seem to be commenting, or expanding on, what is happening in other threads with a new thread is a bit redundant...
  3. brandiem09

    How Many Of You Use The iPad Even When...

    One of the main reasons I bought the iPad was that I could use it everywhere and it's not as cumbersome as my laptop. I'm a full time student and spend most of my days at a computer doing research, writing papers, etc. and it has caused some back pain. Now, with the iPad I can surf the web...
  4. brandiem09


    Thanks, Mach3! Where are you going, Numblock? There are some really great beaches down here, unfortunately, not for long. :(
  5. brandiem09

    iPad to replace Nook and Kindel

    I am a voracious reader and have been using my iPad like crazy since I got it. I haven't used an e-reader with e-ink, but I am not having any problems with eyestrain on the iPad while reading. I sometimes get eyestrain while playing certain games, but not much. It's a different story with...
  6. brandiem09


    Hello everyone, My name is Brandie. I'm from Florida and have been lurking here since for a couple of weeks and thought it was time to introduce myself. I have a 32 GB wifi and love it. I decided to buy one because I have back problems and I'm a full time student. I figured it could free me...
  7. brandiem09

    best iPad apps for students

    I have a few suggestions about apps for college use. CourseSmart has an app for textbooks and Vital Source is coming out with a full app in August. I prefer Vital Source for my textbooks because they let you download to two devices and the quality is great. I have the Sketchbook Pro app and I...
  8. brandiem09

    Tethering to my Android phone?

    Hivoltage, You can root your phone and download the wireless tether for root users in the Android market. You can try these forums for information about rooting. Make sure you read all of the information carefully. I rooted my HTC Hero so I can tether my iPad. :) Good luck! androidforums dot...