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    Jailbreak now, or wait till iOS4 for iPad?

    I have had my iPad jailbroken for about a month now and it honestly has not done a lot for me. Little things like SBSettings are nice to have but really do not add that much value to risk fluid device operation. I am actually going to unjailbreak so I can get some battery efficiency back and...
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    Best Remote Desktop App

    Working for a major public corporation I had to go with iTap RDP as it supports all the high end security protocols. It is pretty slow but useful. Cost like $12... It does work with XP Pro (which Desktop Connect /lite) does not and can work through a secure access tag and Novell. Not my first...
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    New Guy

    Hey, whats up? I am new to this forum. I located it when googling for the best VNC client as Remote Desktop was not cooperating with the Novell authorization we use at work. I am a big fan of forums in general, and am a member of one for just about all of the primary activities I am involved...