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    iPad Street Magic in Tokyo

    He's no David Copperfield or David Blaine. ;) I thought Steve Jobs would fall out of his sleeve as a grand finale.... Great stuff!
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    AT&T Unlimited 3G ipad plan is history!

    Not to hijack your thread but here's more info. People seem universally pissed. New AT&T data plans for iPhones, iPads, smartphones | Crave - CNET
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    What Women Want?

    I'm pretty sure they want to see 1/2 naked orange tanned men with hardened pecks and fabulous abs. ;)
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    ATT 3G slow down?

    Back to the subject.... With as many 3G iPads already sold and the fact they use a lot of data/bandwidth I'm really not surprised by this. I wonder if AT&T has to keep the $30 per month offering for any length of time. If they see iPads using 20+ gigs per month they could raise the prices for...
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    A "true" sports car should have excellent steering feel. A new Camaro and Corvette have the steering feel of a pickup truck. (Perhaps GM is sharing parts?) Sure it's fast and they have improved over the years (esp since the C5's) but they are still lacking in quality and steering feel. Give...
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    Daily Driver - 2009 Jetta TDI - 45-52 mpg! Fun and some track time - 2006 Z4 M Coupe Race Car - BMW 328 - E36 J Prepared While on the subject of cars has anyone used the app called "Rev"??? I've been using it for a while (from my iPod Touch) and found it extremely useful. The iPad is a...
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    Going Paperless (Magazines, Newspapers, Docs)

    I doubt an app charged your iTunes account automatically.
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    Steve Jobs For President

    Maybe not... AppleInsider | Steve Jobs missed out on $10 billion from stock options adjustment
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    iPad Mobile Me Users?

    I already have a mobile me account so I do use it with my iPad. Good Reader is a great app and let's me access my backed up idisk programs from my iPad. It's a very efficient way to have access to a lot of your files without preloading them on the iPad.
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    Steve Jobs For President

    Ahhhh, a ruthless dictatorship where all things are proprietary.... ;)
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    Cannot get cellular data account to complete

    Perhaps at&t should make their 3g network larger... Even Sprints is bigger now!
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    Free iPad stand! made from the box it came in

    Even better.... How To Use Your Cat As An iPad Stand
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    WiFi using MiFi

    A little off topic but I connected to someone's Palm Pre + on VZW the other day and the iPad worked fine on this as well. For those that don't know the PP+ can output VZW Wifi on it's own, just like a Mifi. The feature is now FREE as well! I think it was $30 when it came out but VZW is...
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    WiFi using MiFi

    $59.99 - 5 Gig per month
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    Scyncing Question

    The data is stored on your Ipod Touch, not iTunes. The app resides on iTunes without data pertaining to whatever you did you the particular device. It would be nice to transfer it all from one to the other but I doubt that's going to happen any time soon.
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    WiFi using MiFi

    But the internet connection is coming from the Mifi so that means it has GPS, no?
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    iTunes won't update to 9.1

    Well, it was the last suggestion that worked. Using my Snow Leopard DVD I got it to reinstall software and then it found the update(s) and 9.1 is working great. Thanks a lot Colin! I hope to get to Australia in a few years so I owe you a pint. Cheers, Dan
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    Is iTunes gimped?

    I can't answer most of your questions but I do remember when I scanned over a disclaimer I recently read (either on my iPad or my iMac) I noticed it said that movies rented on the iPad could not be transferred to iTunes. This should explain that part but as far as the rest of your issues I'll...
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    WiFi using MiFi

    I took a drive to test out the Rev app and I noticed google maps found my location while moving. I wonder if the Mifi has gps because it seemed to work quite well while connected. This might be a huge benefit for maps location apps on the wifi only iPad!!!
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    Brand new ipad getting smashed by a baseball bat

    Bill gates cousin or 1st gen walking on hind legs? ;)
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    iTunes won't update to 9.1

    Huge thanks Colin! I'll try this tonight. Dan
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    WiFi using MiFi

    380 up and 1200 down with iPad on Mifi @ 40 ft away. Works well.
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    Where do the Kindle books go?

    None are reading this so we will keep it a secret. IPad OS is so fast!
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    Where do the Kindle books go?

    I find it's best on the crapper.
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    Here's Ellie!

    Mine came with 96%. Nice.
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    WiFi using MiFi

    I am and it works very well. I'll have to run some speed tests and report back.
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    iTunes won't update to 9.1

    Well, my iMac still won't update to 9.1 and my iPad just arrived. Talk about a bummer.... Going back a couple weeks and restoring iTunes didn't work either. It was the older version but when I update it I get the same exact response. I think Apple is trying to make me buy a new iMac. :)...
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    iTunes won't update to 9.1

    The latest Snow Leopard on a 24" iMac. I'm going to try time machine and go back to before the 1st update to 9.1. Fingers crossed.
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    iTunes won't update to 9.1

    Yes, I did. I downloaded iTunes fresh from the site and now it says it's corrupt when I go to open it. The timing of this is just unreal.
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    iTunes won't update to 9.1

    A few days ago I updated iTunes on my iMac so it would be ready to for my iPad. Last night I went to get some iPad specific apps and it stated I needed 9.1 before I could download them. I checked my version and it says 9.0.3. I ran the OS software updater and it said everything was up to...
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    No UPS saturday delivery Houston area

    I never believed in magic but Saturday delivery would be nice... To Our Valued Apple Customer: Thank you for your recent purchase of the magical and revolutionary Apple iPad. We would like to advise you Saturday delivery is not available in your area. Your order will be...
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    No UPS saturday delivery Houston area

    Same here but I live in a rural area. Patience is a virtue. :)