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    [Video] Heat Test - iPad 2 vs. New iPad 3.

    Hello to All, Yes agree with AQ_oc I am also know that.
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    Best way to store huge amounts of date while on vacation where internet isn't?

    Hello to All member, This is really Great information for me and also more user, Thanks.
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    Dragonvale Tips & Tricks! (NO Friend Requests!)

    Hello everyone, Yes this Good idea 414ever thanks for this thread.
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    Dream Heights's Neighbor code

    Great i am here freand Add me to "bbthjnh" Thanks in advance.
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    How to tell if you have an iPad 3?

    when you just switch on your iPad you see your version. If i am not wrong.
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    Would an iPad 2 3G bought in America work in Ireland?

    You need to jailbreck if you have AT&t or any other.
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    Ipad Sync Issue

    The solution is actually pretty straightforward. You need to reset your iTunes Sync History (in iTunes choose Edit/Preferences/DeviceHistory/Reset Sync History). Doing this should have you syncing properly in no time.
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    Emails sent from iPad not in Web folder

    I have the same problem with my iPad, however when I send Gmail emails from my iPhone, they show up as sent emails in my iPad and vice-versa.
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    iBooks frustration

    I am agree with grandmat3053, any one tell more Good stuff.