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  1. twerppoet

    New MacBook Air On the Way

    I admit it, I’m weak against new Apple products. Right after the Apple Event I ordered the new, basic model MacBook Air. I’ve been thinking I want a Mac back in my tool bag for a while, but have been waiting to see what the new Apple Silicon generation would offer. So, it’s not like it’s...
  2. twerppoet

    Newest iPad Air 2020

    Looks like the new iPad Air will be the answer for those on the fence about springing for a iPad Pro. Other than larger screens and extra storage, the Air has all the most compelling features of the Pro models. Makes me anticipate/dread the next update to the Pro models. They must have some...
  3. twerppoet

    Recover them Cloud Files

    Have you ever deleted a file from iCloud, using either the Files app or directly in another app? Darn if that Recently Deleted folder in Files doesn’t help. But what if you accidentally tap a little fast and off menu, and delete it from the recovery folder? Well, you got one more chance. Go to...
  4. twerppoet

    Adonit Note for Pencil capable iPads

    Looks like we have another choice for good iPad styluses. The Adonit Note’s description shows it as compatible with the same iPad models as the Apple Pencil and Logitec Crayon; and with the same features as the Crayon. The main differences between the Crayon and the Adonit Note appear to be the...
  5. twerppoet

    iPhone to iPad Handoff

    As some of you may have noticed, if you have an app open on your iPhone, then the last item in your iPad’s dock will show that app with a little iPhone icon in the top right corner. Tapping it opens the same app, and current app content that your iPhone is displaying. Well, not all apps show...
  6. twerppoet

    Christmas probalby not coming early

    Well, I broke down and purchased a new 12.9 in iPad Pro. I went to Verizon, willing to settle for the new 11 in modle, but all they had was the 64 GB version. I’m already suing more than that in my current iPad. So, backorder it is, and 12.9 in since I have to wait anyway. I picked up the new...
  7. twerppoet

    Log This shortcut

    Another shortcut I’ve created lets me dictate a short message which is appended to a text file with the date and time attached. I needed this so that I could quckly record things like my mother’s oxegen level and pulse rate when I was away from a pad and pencil. I go back later and add them to...
  8. twerppoet

    Play Now Shortcut

    I wanted a way to quickly share what I am listening to when I’m in the forum. We have thread for that. Normally I would have to open the Music app (or go to the notification screen), take a screenshot, crop it, then go back to the forum to upload the image. Way too many steps. With this...
  9. twerppoet

    Search iTunes Store

    Trying to use the Search iTunes Store action; and this happens all the time. Seems to happen with the Search App Store action as well. Is anyone else having the same problem, and/or do you know what I’m doing wong? It’s been happening since the iOS 12 udpate. I’ve updated to iOS 12.1 hoping...
  10. twerppoet

    Attachement Delete Bug Gone!?

    I managed to delete an image and upload a new one to a thread today. Always got an error before. Super huray!! I don’t know if it’s the update to iOS (latest public beta) or the forum. Either way, it’s great news for those of us who occationally forget to edit out sensitive content from screen...
  11. twerppoet

    The Unofficial iPad Amateur Radio Club

    I've noticed that there are at least three HAMs on the forum, so I decided to create a thread for amateur radio enthusiasts, and anyone else who cares to learn a bit about amateur radio. While there are plenty of iPad releated things we can talk about, I did not want to limit the thread's scope...
  12. twerppoet

    The Airpods Are Coming

    One if by land, two if by sea, um... and three if by air. By any means, they are 'suposed to' arrive a week and a day earlier than the initial estimate; 4th of January instead of the 12th. Strange how having to wait a week less suddenly makes everything exciting again. :rolleyes:
  13. twerppoet

    Wallpaper Oversight

    Interesting. Apple hasn't updated how the wallpaper settings work to match the actual lock screen. At least not for the 12.9" iPad Pro. I'm not sure how the smaller iPads look. Here's the Wallpaper settings: And here's the actual lock screen.
  14. twerppoet

    Playing with Playgrounds

    The Playgrounds app isn't strictly a developer tool, but it's related and developers can use it to tinker with code ideas, and this part of the site is pretty neglected; so here it goes. I'm about half way through the second lesson book, (just finished Twin Peaks in "Learn to Code 2") and am...
  15. twerppoet

    Skitch replacement: Annotable

    Ever since Evernote announced it was ending support for Skitch I've been looking for a good replacement. While a few apps did some of the things Skitch did, none of them have been nearly as flexible or easy to use. Enter Annotable. This is the Skitch replacment I've been longing for. It has...
  16. twerppoet

    Watch Photos Face Galleries

    I decided to share the various images I've been creating for the Photos face for the Apple Watch. I probably won't use them much myself, but I'm having fun making them. I'd put them on the dedicated Apple Watch forum, but there's no gallery there. They are pretty low resolution, since they are...
  17. twerppoet

    Widgets are Twice as Nice

    The new two column widget view while in landscape is a great improvement. At least I think so. Now I can see and use my Fantastical and pCalc widgets at the same time. Used the slideover to post this, again. It's making me really look forward sideview and an iPad Pro.
  18. twerppoet

    Wi-Fi Assist

    For those of you with cellular iPads and cramped data plans, be sure to go to Settings > Celular Data and turn off Wi-Fi Assist. It is at the very bottom of the celular settings page. This feature will let your iPad use cellular data when your wi-fi signal is weak or unreliable, and could cause...
  19. twerppoet

    Updating to iOS 9, Now

    iPad Air is updating now. Download already complete. I was going to use the iTunes update method, but got tired of iTunes insisting that iOS 8.4.1 was the latest version; so I broke down and started the OTA update. Took three tries before I got through to the server. Pre-checklist completed...
  20. twerppoet

    Recovering Deleted Files and Data From

    It is now possible to recover deleted iCloud Drive files, Calendar Events, and Contacts using the site. It would be nice if Notes were included in this list, and maybe individual restores for apps, but this is still far better than what we've had in the past. Note: The
  21. twerppoet

    Dropped my iPhone 6 Plus

    Much sadness here. I'll be driving 155 miles to the nearest Apple Store tomorrow. Because I have AppleCare, the gas will cost me more than the replacement cost for the phone. Maybe I should get a case while I'm at it. (Sigh)
  22. twerppoet

    Featured Threads

    Curious about how the Featured Threads are generated; automatic based on views and/or forum areas, curated, or perhaps a bit of both?
  23. twerppoet

    iWorks Gets More Colorful

    Here's something to make people happy. When you get into a position to turn iCloud Drive on, you also get to download the new iWorks apps (free). Hidden in the last couple of screens of the color pickers there are two new choices. A fairly complete color pallet, and a color wheel (for the...
  24. twerppoet

    About Extensions: The Basics

    A basic primer on Extensions, the five types of extensions, and what they do. The Basics Extensions are a new iOS 8 feature that lets apps extend features to other apps, and in some cases to the system itself. They come in five types: sharing options, action options, widgets, file provider...
  25. twerppoet

    Bits and Pieces of iOS 8 Scattered All Over The Place

    Minor, but Interesting things I’ve found in iOS 8: Mostly things that were not in the release notes, or that I decided to mention again because I really like them. Messages You can set the time that audio, video, and text messages are kept. Audio and video are defaulted to delete after 2...
  26. twerppoet

    iCloud Caution when updating to iOS 8

    A big caution to those updating to iOS 8 early. Unless you can upgrade all your iOS devices, and/or do not depend on iCloud to sync between them and your computer; do not upgrade to iCloud Drive when asked. iCloud Drive is not compatible with old iCloud, and once you upgrade devices on one...
  27. twerppoet

    Automatic iCloud Upgrade/Change

    Looks like Apple is rolling out the iCloud plan changes. As a part of that they are offering some slightly better deals for people who currently have paid iCloud accounts. The new accounts are all monthly, but I received a yearly plan at a slight (89 cent) discount: $10.99 a year instead of...
  28. twerppoet

    iPad Printing Solutions, and Stuff

    We’re not paperless, yet: The paperless (less paper) era is on it’s way, eventually. Many people carry some kind of viewing device. Ebooks and PDFs are coming into their own. But, sometimes, you still need to kill a tree, and sometimes you need to do it from your iPhone or iPad. So, how do we...
  29. twerppoet

    Formatting lost when editing post.

    Since the iOS 7 update I've noticed that all the line and paragraph breaks disappear when I choose to edit one of my posts in the iPF app. Not a big deal for short posts, but having a several paragraph post turn into one huge block of text is a pain. I've tried most of the usual fixes...
  30. twerppoet

    iPad User Guide for iOS 7 in iBooks Store

    The new iOS 7 user guide for the iPad is now available in the iBooks Store. As usual it is free.
  31. twerppoet

    iCloud web site gets iOS 7 Make Over

    iCloud's website at has a new iOS 7 look, as do most of the apps. Apple rolls out iOS 7-inspired redesign | TUAW - The Unofficial Apple Weblog
  32. twerppoet

    Garage Band gets Audiobus support.

    Looks like the latest Garage Band update includes Audiobus support, so that you can record Audiobus enabled apps directly into Garage Band. Not something I'm likely to do, but it sounded like something people here would find interesting. Hm, looks like Auidobus is on sale too. Maybe I will...
  33. twerppoet

    Deleting Synced Photos iOS 6.1.2

    Ignore. Does not work. I don't know when the change happened, but it looks like you can delete all photos from the Photos apps, even the iTunes synced ones. It's all or nothing (per category), but should server for those who need to remove photos albums but no longer have access to the computer...
  34. twerppoet

    Evernote : How do you use it? : Tips and Tricks

    A thread to share ideas, tips, and tricks on how to use the popular and ubiquitous app, Evernote. I tend to go on and on about Evernote whenever the opportunity arises. It is one of my favorite tools. I've decided to limit my babbling to a thread that I can point at whenever it seems...
  35. twerppoet

    Codea, just for fun.

    I've been playing with Codea (a way to create apps on the iPad), and wanted to show off my silly app. I suppose I could have put it in the developer section, but honestly, I'm not really recommending it to developers. Codea does have a path that allows you to get the apps you create to the App...
  36. twerppoet

    Numbers: My Apple Service Log (Because I Could)

    I'm not sure why I did this, other than I had the idea, and then I couldn't get it out of my mind until I figured out how to make it work. This is a down time tracking spreadsheet that uses a daily log, a timeline, and gives a basic report of downtime hours and percentage of up time from the...
  37. twerppoet

    Soon, No More GMail via Exchange Setup.

    Google will soon be shutting down ActiveSync for GMail. You may know this as setting up your GMail as an Exchange account. Email and Calendars {multiple calendar setup} will be synced via the default (IMAP) GMail setup. To get your Contacts you will need to use the new CardDAV servers.
  38. twerppoet

    Apple's System Status

    Apple has revamped it's system status page. If you are having problems with iCloud or any of the iStores, check here first. If it shows a problem your best bet is to check back and try later. Apple - Support - System Status Credit to: The Loop Jim Dalrymple
  39. twerppoet

    Sharing and Exploring Lightt; the app.

    Lightt is a brand new social app for creating and sharing short videos made of ten pictures (or more), and somehow not like either medium. I'm not much into the social part, but it's an intriguing (to me) opportunity to be creative. I'd like this to be a place for people to share their creative...
  40. twerppoet

    Silly things you can do with Siri

    Be random. Feel free to add your own. ;) Edit: And yes, I know I'm cheating by using the iPhone 5, but I can get more in the screen shot that way.