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    Magazine subscription - how re-install on new ipad

    One last itunes, log into your account and look at the Purchase History. Find the purchase. So, if ever you are charged twice...use this as proof that you already paid (under the same apple ID). If you used another apple ID...well, they treat that like another person.
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    Magazine subscription - how re-install on new ipad

    I just got lucky and found a similiar article (see link below) that answers the same question for the re-purchase (or re-download) of an already purchased app, and the re-purchase (or re-download) of an already purchased magazine or digital media. In short, if you re-buy it, it will not charge...
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    Magazine subscription - how re-install on new ipad

    I have an ipad 1 and 3. On ipad1 I have sports illustrated and bought a magazine as a 1 time purchase (I am not a subscriber). I installed SI on ipad3 but not by a restore (I just re-downloaded it). On the ipad3, I do not have the magazine I bought on ipad1 and wish to get it on the ipad3...
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    Any suggestions for new iPad user (word processor)

    I am mostly a user of Excel files, and also struggled with which app to use. After some pocking around the web, I chose an app based on functionality for its app cost, and chose QuickOffice Connect HD. What made this one my choice was that it was $10 and I could easily move files from my pc to...
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    File too big message

    After this post, I edited my file and found thousands of rows with formatting and no values. By removing them, the file shrunk from almost 3mbs to under 300k. My opinion still stands...a 2mb file is not that big and should be allowed. Also this app does not have freeze panes...this is a major...
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    File too big message

    I have the same problem. My file was 2,854KB. Its password protected because its sensitive data. I tried shortening the name to 9 chars and .xlsx (I use Excel 2007 which is supported). I also increased my cache to 500mbs in the settings. I also re-booted the device and opened only this app with...
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    best browser for tabs, gestures, speed

    Try Atomic Web. its $0.99. It has tabs and hand jestures can be modified to do what you prefer. It also has a number of settings and adjustments which makes it customizable to suit your needs rather than Safari that's not. Know that Safari will always be your default browser. I haven't figured...