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  1. odeaB

    I just made my own smart cover :)

    Nice!..What is it your using? I was a bit surprised and amazed.
  2. odeaB

    Inventory Web Pages for Best Buy and Walmart..

    I believe it was. Whenever you think of Walmart, you tend to often think off massive cheap shopping; but mostly you tend to think of the convenience of the one-stop buying. Thus, gadgets may also be available.
  3. odeaB

    How much do you pay for gas?

    The chaos in Middle East particularly in Egypt and Libya causes such things like this. No wonder the price of gas and petroleum product will further increase in the following days. As if its same with Charlie Sheen informed “ The Today Show†audience that he has power over addiction that mere...
  4. odeaB

    (off-topic) Any Tiki Enthusiasts

  5. odeaB

    (off-topic) Any Tiki Enthusiasts

    Just being free to say what I want...I like it!...
  6. odeaB

    How much do you pay for gas?

    I think I'm paying for a too expensive gas. :(