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    How do I get movie files into the ipad?

    OK - I have things working, but it makes no sense. I re-ripped one of my movies using the iPod hi-rez setting. Dropped it into iTunes. Synced. It worked. Then I added an image to it, resynced and it failed again. BUT one of the other movies I made no changes to suddenly reappeared. Now...
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    How do I get movie files into the ipad?

    I'll say. I've experimented with several settings on Handbrake over the last year or so - so none of my files are done exactly the same. Two of the files I've done recently are fine. None of them before that and since that work. But they play on the iPhone 4 just fine?! Soooooo confused. Will...
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    New member, looking for tips and tricks

    Longtime Mac user (my first home computer was a IIGS) and iPad lover. Obviously new to the boards. I ran into some problems with transferring video (I assume related to the software update) and found this forum. Hoping to pick up some tips, trick, app suggestions here. Thanks! Movie...
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    How has your iPad changed the way you use your other devices?

    I pretty much don't use the computer at home anymore. Everything I do on here I can pretty much do on the iPad. And only use the web browser/facebook/twitter on the iPhone when I'm away from wifi.
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    ipad in car

    I have used mine this way with no problems. But I prefer to use an iPod or the iPhone because of their size.
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    How do I get movie files into the ipad?

    Related problem. Long-time Mac/iTunes user. I have several MP4 files that I've been using on my iPad. But when I downloaded the 3.2.1 software upgrade, these files will not play? (Other video files purchased or downloaded through the iTunes store play just fine.) I can transfer them to my...