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  1. J Members - Suggest an iPad App

    SecureLock If you travel with your iPad then hopefully you are securing it. Wade Development has introduced a new tool, SecureLock to do just that. Provide your own wallpaper, contact information, let potential thieves know that your device is being tracked and many other features. Try it...
  2. J

    Getting AirPrint to work on all network printers?

    I went by ModMyI and found their hack. Installed it and it works like a champ. It literally took 15 seconds and BAM now I can print from my iPad.
  3. J

    How do you close your apps?

    When you double-click on the button, the screen shifts up a little bit exposing the apps that are running. Press on one of them and press the X, exactly the same as deleting an app from a screen, and it will close the app.
  4. J

    Why Jailbreak???

    I am interested in jailbreaking my iPad. Any thoughts?
  5. J

    How do you close your apps?

    Close apps Double click on the button. Press any of the apps and then click on the X in the upper left hand corner to close the apps. I TRY to do this daily but not that diligent.
  6. J

    Are you on your iPad now? Where?

    Sitting in my lazy boy watching Cops .... bad boy bad boy, whatcha gonna do ... LOL
  7. J

    Welcome to the new iPad Help section!

    Steven ... unfortunately, since Apple requires it. I have heard of some people being able to bypass it but I have been unable to do that.
  8. J

    How to re-arrange icons on iPad (and remove some apps, too)?

    Moving apps You should be able to do everything you want. You simply press on an icon and hold it for about 2 seconds. It will highlight and start blinking and an X will come up on the left hand side. If you press the X then the app is deleted. If you put your finger back on any icon you...
  9. J

    Just bought my ipad yesterday, but one question?

    Wipe iPad I would hook it up to my MAC or PC and connect to iTunes. You can then delete anything you want to or press the restore button (from the main screen) ti restore it.