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    Retrieving deleted note

    OR you can shake the iPad and you get an Undo option.
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    Save game Contract Killer

    The games saving files doesnt includes in the backupfile to the computer. You have pull the files yourself from the iOS device.Phonedisk or iPhone explorer kan fix this. Search on Google for them. Then you open the app on the computer and plug in your device. Then you can see the Application...
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    What languages do you speak?

    Swedish and English. Can read some Japanese. But dont know what the hell it means xD
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    Ipad 2 "Another dream"

    Avbetalning via funkar fin fint ;) Välkommen förresten :D
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    How Much Space Have You Used?

    iPad 16GB. 12,5GB of apps. 231 and another 400 on the com. Wish i took 32 or 64 instead :/ No music and no video. 124 pictures.
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    Goodreader App

    I always read about a product before I buy. That way i never get dissapointed.
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    .wmv files

    Buzzplayer is one also.
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    Youtube downloader

    iCab Mobile. Appstore.
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    Is Chaos Rings Worth It?

    Only buy if you like Final Fantasy type games. Btw its awesome ;)
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    Alternate photo viewer/organizer?

    Photomanager Pro is awesome. Fast and simple.
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    Real Racer 2 nowhere near as good as 1?

    Change driving view by tapping the camera icon in the upper right corner. And maybe its not fast compared to Real Racing 1 because you have faster car on Real Racing 1.
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    Is anyone else addicted to buying Apps?

    lol. Well I bought 5 songs. And as Sweden yet don't have the tv series or movies in iTunes there is none bought for me. Got around 743 apps and a few are rather expensive.
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    Is anyone else addicted to buying Apps?

    I spent over 2200$ on Apps. In three years. Addicted? Oh yeah :p
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    Sweden here!

    Tjenare och välkommen :p
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    iPad Photo organiser

    You could use Photomanager Pro. Or use Best album. Best album makes links of the images in your camera roll instead of making copies. Best ways to sort all the pics in albums and such.
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    Best ways to use an ipad and iphone together

    And if you have Good reader on both of them you can make either one to work as a server and connect with the other to send files and such. See Good reader as explorer for windows or finder for Mac. You can also connect to many kinds of servers through good reader. Sugarsync, webdav, ftp, sftp...
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    Best ipad browser

    Opera to iPad is on its way. I like iCab Mobile best not because its the fastest browser, but because it has so many options. Feels more like a real browser.
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    Upload to web?

    Try Goodreader where you can save files in folders and connect to different servers to download or upload. Helped me alot.
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    How to let YouTube music videos play in the background!

    Or you can just open the video, let it start playing, close browser, dubbel tap homebutton slide to iPod controller (where the lockscreen option are), and just tap play :p
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    Music Video Continuous Play?

    Buzzplayer supports Continuous Play. Buy another iPad ;)
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    Best ipad browser

    iCab Mobile. Its totally awesome.
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    Dropbox to/from Numbers

    This site helped me with that. Really good one :) www dot dropdav dot com/