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    Here is how to transfer your Unlimited ATT data plan to your new 4G iPad

    I moved from my iPad1 with 3G to the new iPad with 4G and the speed difference is iPad is now about 4X the speed of the 3G (12 Mbps vs 3Mbps) and now it's about 3X faster to use the 4G than my home Internet via WiFi (crappy cable through Cox) if only AT&T would come...
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    Anyone with an engraved IPAD get it shipped?

    I ordered my engraved 64GB/4G/White unit on the 7th and it is currently sitting in KY waiting for delivery before 5PM on the 16th.....Woo Hoo!!!
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    4G Hotspot

    I have....actually HAD HughesNet at our vacation house and the 250MB is per day not for the month BTW. If you use your iPad data plan at this rate you will need ~7.5GB a month.....quite a bit more than the 5MB plan provides. In my case I changed over to using an AT&T USB WAN card in a...
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    Will my original iPad unlimited AT&T data plan be grandfathered to the iPad 3?

    Man so do I....just pre-ordered the new iPad today!.....especially if I can use the new one as a "Hotspot" as was described at the roll-out today!!!!!!
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    Smart Cover the same for Ipad3?

    When I ordered the new 3 earlier today on the Apple website it recommended the same "Smart Cover" that they recommend for the iPad2....check it out! The thing I couldn't get any info on is if the connector is at all different or will all my chargers/cables from the 1 still work???
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    The Official I pre-ordered my iPad 3 Thread!

    I ordered mine around 1:15 here in CA and had lots of trouble getting through the various screens due to traffic (lots of busy messages). I finally go to the end and received my confirmation from Apple for my White 64GB/4G/LTE (Personalized) unit. My wife will be happy to get my iPad 1 (Same...
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    Downloading large app with 3G connection

    I bought an app today from the app store from my iPad and when I try to download it I get a message that it's larger than 20 MB and I need to do this with a WiFi or on my computer........problem is I'm remote and don't have anything but the 3G on my iPad to connect and I wanted the app...
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    I have had a 3G 64GB since exactly 1:15PM PDT, April 30th and can say that it definitely IS a big iPod Touch.......ON STEROIDS!!!! While it does everything the touch does it better and faster, especially with apps that are specifically optimized for the iPad. to date I have...
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    Could be could be in California and have to wait until 6PM your time :(......only Hawaii has it worse as they are 3 hours behind CA at this time of year.....but then again it IS Hawaii:D
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    I received my shipping notification!!

    Yup I got my shipping information this morning as well. Scheduled before 3PM tomorrow (4/30). I ordered 64GB WiFi + 3G on 3/12 at 6AM PDT
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    Just got the shipping notification from Apple. I was able to print out a pre authorization signature page to leave on the front door tomorrow. I plan to be home but just my luck I'll be on the phone and not hear the bell or step out for just a minute. I also need to be at the local Apple store...
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    Hey Moderator........:confused: I thought one of the main covenants of this website is no SPAM.....pardon me but it seems like this thread is laced with SPAM for this app, or that app all available for a fee. Maybe I'm confused but isn't promotion of 3rd party apps (unsolicited) something...
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    Battery Pack for iPad?

    Which airline are you flying? Many airlines now have either cigarette lighter adapter, 110/220 plugs and some even have USB power available even in coach, although not at every seat so you should check with the airline and specifically the seating charts. Here is a website that can help with...
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    Hello all

    Welcome to the forum. Tell us a little about yourself and how you use/intend to use your iPad. Cheers!
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    Will MicroSIM card work in a laptop as an aircard?

    While I hope this works it is most likely that the AT&T system will require the SIMM to be in the device that it is registered to (IMEI number) in this case the iPad....but you never know :)
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    CONFIRMED: 3G iPad in stores LATE APRIL not MAY

    You are absolutely correct these are completely different "Sales" channels......the reality is however that Apple has only ONE product supply chain and decisions on what ahd when are not made at the sales level but at the product supply chain in this case the pre-orders will likely...
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    EXACTLY the same for me except my order was at 9:59AM. I got my eMail at 4:40 this morning (naner, naner):p Still no action on the CC but I'm keeping my eyes peeled! I can almost feel it on it's way from Foxconn.....oops I meant Apple, wasn't supposed to know where it was shipping from in...
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    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    For me it will replace 2 things that are currently in my briefcase. iPod Touch and the "book du jour". I too travel extensively and do a lot of flights from LAX - LHR or LAX - SIN, so having movies or TV shows to see after I seem to have been through the video library on the airlines after a...
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    Syncing multiple "I" devices

    So just to be there a limit to the number of units you can load a given iTunes account on??:confused:
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    Syncing multiple "I" devices

    Is that correct?? If so cool....I thought you could only have so many devices or else you would be loading your library on anyone and everyone's unit?? Maybe I'm confusing this with the home share limit:confused::confused::confused:
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    Syncing multiple "I" devices

    So I know iTunes has a limit of 5 devices per account.....will the iPad be considered one of these 5? I'm guessing it will but just wanted to confirm. Thanks!
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    What do you hate the most about your Ipad?

    From your fingers to GOD's ears (Steve Jobs at least) :)
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    What type of phone do you use?

    Blackberry, 8900 Curve..........Corporate standard. Totally sucks for browsing but it does work as a link to the Internet on the rare occasion I can't find a WiFi connection when traveling. For replying to email though I do think the tactile feedback from the keyboard is much better than...
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    Alternative ipad stand, what do you think?

    Looks like there should be more than enough room to put your iPad in there with a skin on scratches should not be a problem.:D
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    New and still waiting.

    I remember my first computer was a commodore 64....not sure if that was before or after the Pet?? First PC was an IBM PC in 1982.....64K, 2 floppy drives and a monochrome monitor and an Okidata 84 printer, which was a tank. The guy who sold me the printer said if I didn't have room in the...
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    So........based on a previous post maybe this means that we are within 14 days of the 1st 3G units actually shipping.......I ordered mine on 3/12, maybe this is good news:rolleyes:
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    I seem to recall that there is actually a federal interstate commerce regulation about just this issue. While I don't know all the details, I do remember when I was setting up the Toshiba Direct web sales about 10 years ago that there was a regulation about how soon you have to ship a product...
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    Not that I'd ever do this could take it back in 14 days and then buy another one on the way out of the store and take it back in 14 days if the 3G still isn't shipping etc, etc, etc. Too bad Costco isn't selling iPads....then you could get a new one every 90 days :D
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    Newbie in San Clemente

    Well I am new to the forum and like others waiting for my 3G iPad to arrive to go with the Case and Stand w/keyboard that already arrived. I live in Beautiful San Clemente, CA which is exactly 1/2 way between Los Angeles and San Diego on the coast. We have Camp Pendleton Marine Base to the...