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  1. Brian 244

    iOS 11.2.5 glitches

    Noticing the following issues on my iPad Pro 10.5" after updating to iOS 11.2.5: - the sleep / wake button, not responding when I try to put i Pad to sleep. I have to long press to power off , then cancel. After that it works fine. Happened twice in the last 24 hours. - Facebook Messenger&...
  2. Brian 244

    Battery life and gaming

    So I've started playing the new iOS game , Inside (from the makers of Limbo) on my iPad Pro 10.5. Awesome game and works great on the iPad Pro but it just kills my battery. 60 -90 minutes of play drains the battery 30 %. Has anybody else had a similar experience? Otherwise the battery life has...
  3. Brian 244

    iPad 2 and iOS 9

    Just curious if there is any feedback from users on how iOS 9 is working with the iPad 2?
  4. Brian 244

    How do you find the battery life of the Air 2

    Looking for feedback from other iPad Air 2 owners on their Battery Life. Recently upgraded from the iPad 2 , which would give me 2-3 days of moderate to heavy use before needing a charge. With the Air 2 I'm getting 1.5 to 2.5 days before charge time. I know that the battery is smaller in the...
  5. Brian 244

    How is iOS 8.1 on your iPad 2?

    Longtime Lurker, first time poster here... After updating to iOS 8 and having it cause grief on my iPad 2 I'm a little gun shy on updating to 8.1. Was hoping other users could post their feedback here on how iOS 8.1 is working on their iPad 2 ? Has it solved any issues? made them worse? My...