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    Camera Connector Kits are now Shipping!

    Its amazing how long you need to wait to get the accessories... looks like the camera connector are on the way, but my cover is no where to be seen... as for using the camera kit to expand the memory on the iPad, there are have been several discussion about this, and a ton of youtube vids that...
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    Jailbreaking iPad and iTunes 9.2 options?

    OK - so the following worked for me: 1. I originally activated my iPad on a machine that has iTunes 9.2 2. I installed iTunes on a laptop. 3. Synced the iPad with the iTunes on the laptop. 4. Ran spirit jailbreak from the laptop iPad is jailbroaken, with no infinite boot cycles!!!
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    Jailbreaking iPad and iTunes 9.2 options?

    As I am impatient by nature, is will try to restore the iPad on an iTunes 9.1.1, and then try to jail break it... Will report on my success or failure...
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    Camera conection kit did you know

    Very interesting, I wonder if we can use a usb headset as well, and make skype calls with it...
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    Jailbreaking iPad and iTunes 9.2 options?

    Thanks for the reply and link! However, I have more than one computer (way too many if you ask my wife) and I have older versions of iTunes installed on them, I just want to verify that I will not get the infinite loop problem... as I activated the iPad with itunes 9.2...
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    Hi All, I am a father of 2 (the youngest is 3 days old!), IT professional, from Hoboken, NJ, that loves his JB 'iPhone/iPod/iPad's, just got the new iPhone4 and a new iPad 3G for the missus, and can't wait to get them up and running (between feedings :D)
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    Jailbreaking iPad and iTunes 9.2 options?

    Hi All, I have received my iPhone4, that requires iTunes 9.2 yesterday, and today I finally got my iPad as well, I already activated it on the iTunes 9.2 only to find out on spirit's webpage, that I can't JB when iTunes 9.2 is used... Can I still jailbreak the iPad on a computer that has...