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    One thing that Android does MUCH better than Apple

    I agree that the idea of returning an app within 24 hours sounds good, but I would think developers would not be happy with that. Especially of items that are short time to live (games, magazines, books, etc). If I wanted to play Iron Man 2 for the three hours (as someone posted it took them...
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    Wifi is weird outside of home network

    Dallas, I've had no trouble connecting to multiple open wifi ports (restaurants, stores, etc). I'll be staying at a hotel with wireless this weekend and do not anticipate any problems there. My office wifi has worked as well, thought that is a bit more complex due to security settings.
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    FREE IBook in IBook Store (MetaGame)

    I've downloaded and look forward to giving it a try after I get through my backlog of iBooks.;)
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    How often do you charge your iPad?

    Ellie, If I recall correctly, the iPad is like the iPhone in that it takes a full charge then cuts off the charger. It will not harm the battery. I do the same thing when I hit a low charge (usually every few days). Most of the time, I just plug in occasionally to sync files. All though I have...
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    More reasonable price alternative to Things "to do" app?

    Baron, I've had the same problem. I need something that works the way I work. The closest I found was Evernote. It is free with limited data sync per month. But that is mainly critical if you are going to attach a lot of files. Once I found I could make it work for me, I upgraded to Premium and...
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    What apps are you using most?

    For me the big ones are: -- iBooks (after finishing a book on the Kindle app that I had struggled to finish on the iPhone, I have gone exclusively to iBooks); e-reader runner ups: Kindle, GoodReader. -- Evernote (I've always liked this app, but it never worked for me in a world of iPhones and...
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    Low Memory!! Is there an app for that?

    That is interesting. From my reading of the developer docs, all of the application created data (caches, plist, sql databases, etc) are stored in the sandbox and should be deleted when the app is deleted. I wonder if there was a rogue app or two that was not cleaning up its own cache and the...
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    Low Memory!! Is there an app for that?

    Gentlefury, I am not sure that you are correct about Other... at least my interpretation of what you are saying. When an app is deleted from the iPhone OS it removes all related files (the proverbial "sandbox") which should remove any "other". This is part of the reason that Apple setup the...
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    Syncing with several itunes-store accounts?

    Glad it worked out. RE:Size - I don't regret getting the 64GB version, but I am well under 32 GB usage so far. But I expect over time to reap the benefit of the extra $100.
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    Syncing with several itunes-store accounts?

    Kheldour, I think you can just go to the Deauthorize Computer option under the Store menu and remove the account(s). Not sure that will work as far as the iPad is concerned though. You might need to then restore the iPad to the factory defaults.
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    Could the iPad mean the end of rear entertainment systems?

    figmo, I disagree. My kids have always hated to drive in my car on long trips, as it does not have the DVD entertainment system that my wife's van has. Now they are thrilled that they can watch movies (purchased or ripped from our DVD collection), TV shows (Tivo To Go) and games. All on a...
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    Low Memory!! Is there an app for that?

    In iTunes you can see the size of each of the apps in the Apps tab under the iPad sync screen. This might be the best way to determine how to clean up your installed apps. Just scroll through the list and look at the apps and uncheck a combination of apps that you don't use and have a large...
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    Are iPad Games Too Expensive?

    The bigger problem for me is not the cost, but the double dipping. My feeling is that if the developer is just releasing an upscaled version of their iPhone game, it should be released as a Universal app. All though I have looked fondly at many of the iPad games that have come out that fall into...
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    My convo with an Apple Expert re:3g Pre Orders /ship dates

    Hate to step into this, as I am not sure that anything will satisfy your frustration (which I completely understand). I think the misunderstanding comes from the term pre-order. This solely means that you are ordering before the item is available. It in no way guarantees delivery on the release...
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    This is too funny - CNN says Android sucks in the real world

    I've enjoyed watching the contrarians who proclaim that they are getting an Android phone after sneering at my iPhone. Several of them have turned up later with an iPhone quietly replacing their Android. And the rest never brag about their phone, but instead hesitantly pull them out when they...
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    Anyone rent movies from itunes?

    Sincere, Not directly, but apps like Handbrake can quickly convert your DVDs to import into iTunes. I've done this frequently for the kids so that we do not need to carry the DVDs with us on trips. I'll load them on my MacBook Pro for hotel room viewing. Now I can throw them on my iPad.
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    iAds ?!#

    Robb, I have to disagree. This is about money, but I don't think there is a huge amount of concern about the jail-broken apps market. It is just irrelevant to this model. Ad supported models are becoming essential to many developers, whether in the app store or not. As a solo developer without...
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    Apple Ipad Class

    Gadget Pastor. The post was about "class" not "case", though I must admit I made that mistake before I clicked in and began reading. Anyway, OT but I agree with your review.
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    iAds ?!#

    Takenover83, Good point, though I think Apple said they will have some minimal control over the ad content (probably for this purpose). It would be great if developers could select categories of content they would like displayed in their apps. For example, an ad supported education app might...
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    iAds ?!#

    There are already many apps that are available in the app store that are ad supported. This gives a tool to those developers who would like to use them within their apps to seamlessly add them. In no way is this a requirement for all apps. But a developer choice. I have not heard anything...
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    Slow Backup via Itunes - How to Speed up>?

    With the iPhone and now with the iPad, this can be an occasional problem. usually it is related to one particular app. With the iPhone I experienced this with ESPN's original app. When it came out, it killed the backup process. I finally removed the app until they fixed it and that resolved the...
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    iPad Case Reviews

    I received the Apple iPad case today. Here are some thoughts: It fits snugly around the iPad. Don't need to force it in. All ports and buttons are easily accessible. The material is neoprene like, and makes carrying the iPad feel a bit more secure that the glass and aluminum. The weight is not...
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    Best way to read mail with iPad, iPhone and PC?

    I believe GMail supports IMAP. Setting it up this way, all content will remain on their server, and can be sorted into server side folders. Then it would be available to all three devices, as well as unread/read/deleted/moved status.
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    iPad To Get 30,000 Free eBooks on Launch

    iDan thanks for the tip. I did a quick scan for a way to browse free books, but could not find one. Hadn't thought to search for free as a keyword. I found that the few that I pulled down looked pretty good. Some of the chapter listings weren't configured well. And the Complete Works of...
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    Dumb Question

    iPadOne - if you notice, I too have posted multiple times in this thread. Unlike you, I believe it is my responsibility to continue to act civilly or if not, to keep my thoughts to myself. As someone who runs a large IT Department, and is used to dealing with my fair share of "I told you"...
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    Dumb Question

    Steven -- I get where you are coming from, and though I think it will be difficult to function exclusively from an iPad (not because of its functionality, but its ties to a computer for support) it is an interesting concept. iPadOne - I believe your behavior is unnecessary on this board. I know...
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    Geotagged photos

    Should be Photos app right next to Faces.
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    Dumb Question

    Steve, someone else mentioned that they will activate your iPad in the store. But I think all of us are running blind and guessing based on past experience. In the end, your best bet would be to talk to someone at Apple who can let you know the limitations of this method.
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    Geotagged photos

    Yes, you can view a map of geo-located photos in the app. There is a Places tab on the main screen which brings up a map. My daughter and wife are using the iPad right now so I cannot give a better description, but it should be there. My only thought is that if you have no geo-located photos...
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    Popular Science + for the iPad

    Yes, cost is the one factor that might keep me from subscribing. The initial $4.99 was a flier for me. And it does only include the first issue (April 2010). I will wait and see what the subscription rate will be to decide if it is worth the cost. All though I am will to pay a premium for this...
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    Dumb Question

    Steven, I doubt it, but you can always ask. Realistically, just ask a good friend to setup a separate account for you on their computer. Create your iTunes account and sync the iPad. Then just stop by every few weeks to backup your content and get the latest updates. Or heck, buy a $200 used...
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    Popular Science + for the iPad

    iVan I agree. One of my disappointments with the iPad announcement was that it did not include a specific format similar to the iTunes LP concept that used HTML5 for newspapers and magazines that could be available directly through the iBookStore. I would have preferred to see these magazines...
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    Dumb Question

    Not sure That's a good question. I do know that the first thing I had to do with my iPad was synch it to iTunes. My guess is that you have two options (one likely and one not): 1) "borrow" another computer. Either work or a friend's that can have an account setup for you. Then just use it...
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    Popular Science + for the iPad

    I downloaded this yesterday, and think it is the perfect example of rethinking content for the 21st century. Unlike a lot of the magazines that are appearing with iPad versions today (glorified PDFs), it is truly a new experience that is both immersive and tactile. Of course it helps if the...
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    I can't find the Finder

    Mr. Toad, It took me a while to figure this out myself. On iTunes, when synching the iPad go to the Apps tab. Below where you can select the apps you want to sync is an area for File Sharing. Those apps which support file sharing are listed. You can select one then upload files of the...