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  1. Victoria022

    The App I purchased for my Ipad 2

    I purchased an application about personality development for my iPad 2 last week. I like the details about the app but I got so disappointed that it was not even loading at all. I paid $1.99 for just a logo of the app. After a couple of days I received a copy of my receipt from Itunes. It was...
  2. Victoria022

    Ipad 2 - How to Wipe Out

    Hi Everyone. I hope you are all doing great. My brother bought an Ipad 2 that is working. When he returned home, he turned off the ipad and turned it on again but he was surprised that the iPad requires a pincode which he knew nothing about. He contacted the seller but he can't be reached at...
  3. Victoria022

    iPad Air Qwerty Keyboard

    Hi Everyone! Since December, I have been looking for discounted Ipad Air Qwerty Keyboard and just found this one from Amazon. I like the style and color, and I also don't have any problem with the maker, however I still can't make up my mind, if I should give this a go or not. Now my question...
  4. Victoria022

    iPad Air - Free Shipping Promo

    I heard news about the newest iPad and I so like it. I also received email regarding free shipping if you avail the unit the soonest possible. How true is that? Any idea guys? Thank you.
  5. Victoria022

    Rivalry between iPhone and Samsung

    Iphone and Samsung's rivalry has been one of the hottest news a couple of years already. As users of these products, what opinions do you have for the rivalry of these companies? Please feel free to speak out your mind. Thanks.
  6. Victoria022

    Ipad Mini for only $180

    I was surprised when a good friend said that the iPad mini will only cost $180 on a one day sale that will be happening in Dubai. Anyone have heard about this?