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    Camera Connector Problem with Canon 7D

    I have a Canon 5Dmii and I shoot in RAW. I have not had any trouble transferring any files to the iPad, although when I am transferring a lot of pictures I use a card reader instead of the camera. This way you don't have to worry about the camera introducing any problems during the transfer.
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    No sound on iPad

    You don't happen to have the developers 4.2 iOS installed do you? The orientation switch becomes a mute switch in 4.2.
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    Need friends for city story

    We City stiletheadept.
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    using Yahoo web e-mail

    Sorry, I actually talked to a friend of mine that works at Yahoo!, and they said that the mobile version of safari that the iPad uses, is incompatible with Yahoo! mail. They are working on a fix. Steve
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    using Yahoo web e-mail

    I just tried this also. If you are using the Yahoo! Mail Plus this is what happens on the iPad. If you change to the Yahoo! Mail Classic it works fine. Steve
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    DVD to iPad

    In iTunes right click on the movie and select "Get Info". Then select the artwork tab, then add the picture you would like to show up as the cover art. Steve
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    Contact List

    I tried to reproduce this on my wifi version. The only field that I found that would not accept the "@" sign was the phone number field. I was able to put an email address in the other fields.
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    How to delete bookmark ?

    1. Open your browser. 2. Tap the bookmark icon. 3. Tap edit. 4. Then tap the red circle next to the bookmark you want to delete. 5. Tap the delete button.
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    How do AIM & Itunes work?

    Yay! Glad it worked for you. As you said, it is a gen1 device and we get to have the fun of figuring out all of the quirks.
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    How do AIM & Itunes work?

    I did that and it doesnt work...I hit play all songs and it plays the first album and stops....weird. Ok I was just able to make mine do the same thing you describe. I was then able to get it to play everything again by starting any song other than the first one listed, and then pushing the...
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    How do AIM & Itunes work?

    And when one album ends it starts the next? Doesn't work for me. It does if I click the "Play all songs" button. If you start by clicking on a song from an album, it only plays that album. Steve
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    How do AIM & Itunes work?

    Would you care to share how you are getting it to do that? Open iPod. Click "Artists" at the bottom. Pick Artist that I want. Click "Play All Songs" in the in the top right. They are then played in the order that the songs are listed. I hope this helps. Steve
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    How do AIM & Itunes work?

    As I said earlier mine plays all of the songs by the chosen artist randomly or in order, depending on what is chosen.
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    How do AIM & Itunes work?

    Mine seems to act differently than yours then. If I choose an artist that I have more than one album, it will play all of the songs by that artist (on shuffle or in order). If I am looking at the now playing cover art and change to the list view it shows the songs from just that album, but it...
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    How do AIM & Itunes work?

    The only way I found to shuffle the songs is to: Click on the now playing song, then click on the large cover art, and then at the end of the progress bar there is the shuffle icon to click. Hopefully there will be an easier way at some point in the future.