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    Been ripping movies to iPad, Wish I have gotten the 64gb!

    I travel a lot in my line of work, and this will be my first trip without a laptop. I'm only bringing my iPad, hope it won't let me down! Been ripping tons of movies so i have stuff to watch for my next few weeks of travels. This will be my first trip without bringing my computer. would be...
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    Hey hey

    This is my introduction. Chris from mostly utah, I travel a lot, so am in various places throughout the year. I'm a music and movie junkie, so the iPad has been more convenient than the ipod, 'cause watching movies on a ipod is just not cool. favorite band is Led Zeppelin
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    Convert Videos and DVDs to iPad software?

    I posted this in the hacking section, but maybe this is just a general question. I came across imtoo's iPad Mate and the trial version works great, but it's expensive, 60 bucks. This software can convert videos and dvds to iPad plus it can transfer ipad contents to computer. it supports ipod...
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    Convert Videos and DVDs to iPad?

    Just got my iPad and I hate having to pay for movies and media from iTunes. Plus i already have a good dvd collection. I found this program Imtoo iPad Mate that will let me convert dvds and videos and also transfer ipad contents to computer, which is cool 'cause i can transfer my iPhone...