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  1. Amy0x

    Ipf app not working.

    First off apologies if this is in the wrong section! My ipf app isn't working, it's a black screen which shows loading, but when the loading has finished it stays on the black screen. Help muchly appreciated :)
  2. Amy0x

    What are you currently listening to?

    Many forums i have been on always have this thread - So i thought i would start one. I love getting ideas for listening to new music so this will be fun! :D CLT - Elvis Presley - Suspicious Minds
  3. Amy0x

    Disney wall paper..

    Any suggestions where I can find cute Disney wall paper?
  4. Amy0x

    Hello from Berkshire.

    Thought i would introduce myself as i am new to the forum. My name is Amy and i live in Berkshire, Uk with my Fiance. I ordered my Ipad this morning and it shall arrive Thursday, so i thought i would swot up on extras while waiting for it. Amy x