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  1. evohicks

    16GB or 32GB?

    Same here. 8gb left with nothing left to put on it. That's why I went for the 16gb.
  2. evohicks

    16GB or 32GB?

    I had the ipad 2 32gb and to be honest I never came close to filling the thing with 16 gb of stuff, so after selling that I bought the 16gb ipad 4.
  3. evohicks

    What would you most want to change about your ipad?

    An SD card slot to start with, then Bluetooth connectivity to allow the sharing of media files from phones to ipad. Able to stream to wifi TV without the use of other apple products to do so, I also have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and just the few things listed above would make the ipad a far...
  4. evohicks

    Broadband Download Speed

    My Internet is with BT in the uk on fibre optic at around 45 mb down and 16 up Just did a test on my ipad and its at 15 down and 16 up My fastest speed is with my PC connected to the router via Ethernet cable and any wifi device, such as the ipad...
  5. evohicks

    Amazing new bluetooth keyboard!!!

    Looks very much like this one.....
  6. evohicks

    I need help with my IPad.

    Well I'm not familiar with any other network file browser but this program certainly does what I wanted, which is to share media from my USB drive which is plugged into my Wifi router. I think it cost £2.99 gbp but as you may or may not know, you can add this program to another ipad if you sign...
  7. evohicks

    I need help with my IPad.

    Actually I recently found a work around for this very thing, for me at least. I noticed a USB port on my router and after recently buying a 2tb USB hard drive, I plugged it in and configured it, downloaded an app on the iPad called 'file browser' and that was it. I now have access to 2tb of...
  8. evohicks

    I need help with my IPad.

    Well said and as lots of people have said, this is no PC. But as I said in my earlier post, the ipad is not for everyone, it's hard to think that you made a wrong choice but we all make them, my advice is just give it time, if you still don't like it then the market is open for these things, it...
  9. evohicks

    Tether new wifi iPad to android phone?

    It's a great device but as said above, there will be new devices out by then. My contract is up in July and maybe the S4 will be around but it will have to be something special to make me part with the Note 2 :)
  10. evohicks

    I need help with my IPad.

    Welcome to the world of Apple! Seriously you should have read up on the iPad before taking the plunge. Apple hardware is very restricted and its definitely not for everyone. I couldn't use it as a replacement for my PC or my Android phone as it just doesn't cover my needs but I do love the ipad...
  11. evohicks


    Actually the kindle comes with a USB cord that is meant to charge off a laptop( or so my wife's did) we just bought a USB plug so she could charge it from the mains. Not sure if this is the same with all models and countries.
  12. evohicks

    Tether new wifi iPad to android phone?

    Yeah it worked well on my Galaxy S2 and works just as good on my Note 2.
  13. evohicks

    32gb ipad 4? is it possible to add micro cards for extra storage?

    Just figured out how to use my USB storage device (2tb) as an extra storage device for our 2 household ipads. Plugged it into the USB port on my BT Homehub 3 and then configured, mapped drive etc... Then downloaded 'FileBrowser' from the app store at £2.99 if i remember rightly and installed on...
  14. evohicks

    How many GB is your iPad?

    I had a 32gb ipad 2 for around 10 months and used around 6gb of space. So now I have the 16gb ipad 4. Plenty of room for me :)
  15. evohicks

    Slow wifi tethering speed from Galaxy S3 to iPad 4 Wifi

    Well it seems you had some fun trying to get around some problems and I can understand the frustration but not everyone has to go through this, I thought the S3 could update OTA from the phone? I never even used the stock message app with my Galaxy S2 or the Note 2, I use Handcent SMS which is...
  16. evohicks

    Slow wifi tethering speed from Galaxy S3 to iPad 4 Wifi

    Junk? Did you actually give it time as Android is a completely different setup to IOS? I have used both Apple and Android and yes both have their advantages, but I would not describe either as 'junk', My Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is really nice, but not perfect, but I will say one thing, alot of...
  17. evohicks

    Ipad connection to DLNA TV

    Just wondered can you possibly duplicate the ipad screen to the DLNA compatible TV without using cables or airplay? I have the LG Passive 3D TV and it would be great to play stuff from YouTube etc.
  18. evohicks

    Creating "favorites"

    Surely the easiest is the 'bookmark' button on the top left of any web page.
  19. evohicks

    Printing from ipad2 to epson sx425w

    Hi, I don't think your printer is 'AirPrint' compatible, which means it won't work direct with the iPad, this is not to say it won't work at all though, if your printer is wifi enabled then there is an app called 'Epson Iprint' in the App Store which is a free printing app. Here is a link to a...
  20. evohicks

    Need Help With Being Able to "Lock" an App on My Grandson's iPad

    Just tried this and can confirm it works well. I probably will never use it but I am learning of new features all the time, nice feature for what it's intended for.
  21. evohicks

    Apple Issues Statement on Maps Issues

    Read from the start of the thread, and many like it, Apple are running their own map software now, hopefully google will come up with an app of their own soon.
  22. evohicks

    Apple Issues Statement on Maps Issues

    That's a bit harsh, what's this all about?
  23. evohicks

    App not working on ipad2

    Always little glitches here and there, glad it's sorted for you :)
  24. evohicks

    App not working on ipad2

    Hi, have you recently updated to IOS 6? I have just installed that app to see if its working and it is, I am running IOS6.
  25. evohicks

    How to simply link Ipad to picture library on PC.

    How about Flickr? You can upload to that and make it a private server,not sure of the limit you can upload,also consider a wifi hard drive, lots of people go this route with great success, I am thinking of doing this myself.
  26. evohicks

    Maps and Siri

    It's the same maps icon as before, exept it's not google maps, it's apples own.
  27. evohicks

    Cleaning screen question

    Damp cloth for me also, use it on both my 3d pc monitors, laptops and led tv, have done for years, nothing comes close tbh.
  28. evohicks

    15,000 emails

    I would like to know this also, it was a pain when I had to do this recently.
  29. evohicks

    Led Tv

    He might be using his iPad to search for an led tv on the net ;)
  30. evohicks

    Epson sx235w printer

    Try here to see if your printer is included....... I have the HP photo smart 7510 and there is also a HP app for remaining ink etc, easy to setup. I'm sure there's an epson app too as I used it on my Android device.
  31. evohicks

    Jury awards Apple more than $1B, finds Samsung infringed

    Yep I agree, close competition is what we need and I don't like the way Apple sues anyone that comes close to their design. I also have an Android phone and the iPad 2 and my Galaxy S2 phone has been brilliant, I would not hesitate to buy phones from Samsung but while Apple phones are very good...
  32. evohicks


    Hi, maybe look into jail breaking your iPad for more ideas, I haven't done it or know anything about it but I'm sure some one will be along shortly to explain more.
  33. evohicks

    The thing I most dislike about my iPad is.......

    I have a solution, try using it with your feet, then you won't leave finger prints :) Seriously though, come on guys what do you expect, it's a tablet computer, if you wanted no finger prints on the screen shouldn't you have gone for a laptop? My Samsung GS2 also leaves fingerprints aswell as my...
  34. evohicks

    Help with home button on ipad 2 You might find similar experiences here.
  35. evohicks

    Looking to purchase an iPad 2...but....

    Same here, as mint as the day I bought it 7 months ago :)
  36. evohicks

    Euro Soccer 2012 on iPad2

    If you are in the UK, then you can go to the BBC website and watch it live, or use the itv player, depending on what channel it's on, not sure outside the UK.
  37. evohicks

    What would you like to see in IOS 6?

    Also, a 'delete all' button to delete emails in numbers, DLNA compatibility to play video to wi fi tv etc( not sure if iPad has the hardware incorporated)
  38. evohicks


    I can confirm this works well, tethered to my Samsung SGS2 and my wife's HTC Desire.
  39. evohicks

    Home Button does Not Work after iOS 5.1.1. update

    Well I have been a bad boy, I said to my wife that I much prefer the white iPad to the black,she was fine and said she didn't mind either way, so now I have a white ipad2 and she has the black. The best thing is after restoring from iCloud on both iPads, my original one hasn't once had a problem...