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    IOS 9.3.5 on iPad - denied App store ?

    Thanks very much - yr advice into app store. Well done!! Of course since latest app updates are made for V10 u don't get offered them on a 9.3.5 iPad Interestingly (not) 40 mins chatting with Apple support did not advise this. Just put yr iPad 3 in the bin and go buy a new one...
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    IOS 9.3.5 on iPad - denied App store ?

    My iPad says its OS is fully up to date with 9.3.5. If I try to open the App store it says you must have V10. I can't have V10. I can't download apps. Does not compute. Apple have cut me off? What do I do? Use my iPad as a door stop???
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    What's with OS 4.3.5

    I got 4.3.5. today. Now none of my apps will run. The screen flashes black and thats it. :(
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    Man Uses his iPod touch and MobileMe to Find Lost iPad

    That is a truly awesome story. I have an iPad. What needs to be done to implement the mobileme thing?
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    What is your ipads name?

    I like Kats because I like cats. I have two cats - one called Tim & one called Albie. Any Cat related suggestions for my new iPad would be interesting.
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    New iPad user from the UK

    Hi, I just bought a 64GB iPad wi-fi almost on impulse and know little about it. I am finding my way around my new iPad and its features. Its my first venture into the Mac world. (tho my wife has an iPhone). After one week first impressions of my iPad: - Excellent overall design & quality...