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    manually transfering from itunes to ipad 2

    hello i copied some audiobook into itunes(from a cd) and when i connect my ipad2 to my laptop ther is no option to manually transfer the audiobooks to my ipad2!!!any help would be great
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    Ipad 2 3g 'phone number'

    hi how do i find out the 'phone number'* for my 3g ipad 2? I 'm with t-mobile and i want to. remove content lock while browsing via 3g * tmobile defines this as the 11 digit number you used to register fior my t-mobile starting with 07 thanks
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    john lewis app

    hi can i use the JL iphone app to scan items on my ipad2 or does only work on the iphone
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    IOS 6: no youtube!

    i've just updated to ios 6 and the youtube app is gone!
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    ipad 2 phone number

    hi howi can i found outthe phonenumber on my ipad2 sim without phoning my provider up
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    itunes music transfer to none iphone help

    hi i was decideing whether to go for the galaxy s 3 or an iphone and decided on th s3 as there was no iphones available at the price plan i wanted want i want to know is can i transfer my music from itunes to the s3 thanks
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    mcafee for ipad2

    i'd still like to know
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    mcafee for ipad2

    hi i've just brought mcafee protection for my pc and laptop but it also includes tablets and i wantred to know how i can install it on my ipad2
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    charging ipad2(uk ) in 110v us socket

    can i charge my uk ipad 2 in a 110v us socket? it does say 100- 240v on the ipad plug(i have som plug adapter aalready)
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    ipad 2 charging slowley

    yeah ok i swaapped it over with my spare cable as one came with a 2nd hand nano 6th gen and it chargeing alot faster I guess i must of got them mixed up, thanks for yor help all
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    ipad 2 charging slowley

    ipad the one that was supplied with my ipad2(brought from an apple store)
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    ipad 2 charging slowley

    mains i live in the uk
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    ipad 2 charging slowley

    hi my ipad 2 is chargeing slowley can i geta new battery installed or would i need to buy a whole new ipad 2?
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    i tunes artwork

    hi i installed a cd on iitunes and want to get the albumartwork( front cover) i tried right clicking on the relervent album then selecting get album arkwork but it did not work, it's hard to find a place buy a copy of the cd as they aren't many on sale( i had to pay 45 quid to get it) the amazon...
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    It changed my name!

    try holding the on/off button untillu get a slide to swith ff at the top of your screen-do this wait about 30-60 secs again. hol down home and on/off button untill the apple logo appears- you may need to turn spell-check and auto-correct off agin
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    barclays pingit question

    hi can you use the the barclays pingit app on ipad2's? if so how do i use it?
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    quick question

    hi i wanted to read this fanfic story but unfortunatly its in german, i'd like to know is there anywhere to translate this without installing a app? p.s learning german is not a sensible suggestion-would take to long and cost me money i dont have
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    Is the new screen that big of a deal?

    i went to kylocal apple store and took along my ipad 2 for comparison, i didn't notice much difference between the two nor did the guy standing next to me (we both compared my ipad2 with the same display model),i'm 95% certain i will wait for the ipad4
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    Pre-ordering versus buying in store

    providing they haven't shipped the order you have a right to cancel if they have it dpends on thier policy so i advise you to check if its shipped or not before trying to buy it in store
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    ipad 3 rental

    yeah maybe but i'd like to test it for a week if possible
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    ipad 3 rental

    anyone know if there would be anywhere i can RENT the ipad 3 when it comes out (i'm in the UK) this would allow me to test it out and help me decide whether or not to buy it
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    i may wait until next month i'm getting some inhertance about mid april
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    3g for ipad3

    hi can i use the 3g sim card in my ipad2 on the new Ipad3
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    worth upgradeing?

    hi I currently have an ipad2 3g do u think its worth upgradeing to ipad3(4g)
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    ios 5

    is it worth updateing to ios 5 yet and how do u do it
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    airplay speakerS

    hi i was considering buying some airplay speakers like the libratone longue airplay speaker or the phillips ad7000w airplay speaker or maybe the b&w zeppelin airplay speaker. anyway i just was a bit confused as to they work do i need to download an app does the app have to be specific to the ap...
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    airplay speakers

    hi i was considering buying some airplay speakers like the libratone longue airplay speaker or the phillips ad7000w airplay speaker or maybe the b&w zeppelin airplay speaker. anyway i just was a bit confused as to they work do i need to download an app does the app have to be specific to the ap...
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    kindle on ipad 2

    hi i have just downloaded the kindle app for my ipad 2 and wanted to know if its worth keeping my kindlebwi-fi or not i was thinking of selling it on as i'm considering getting a new hi-fi system
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    ipod speaker compatibilty

    hive i want to know if the Bose sounddock portable digital music system is compatiable with the ipod nano 6th generation
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    Ipad to Ipod?

    ipad to ipod don't think so you can do it through i tunes on a pc through just attach the use end (the end that plugs into the charger plug) into a usb port on your pc if you have not already got itunes on your pc download (it asks if you wish to) when you have it installed it should...
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    ipad2 sim deals what to go for

    Hi I was wondering what the best ipad2 sim deal would be. I use it mostly to check football scores and news and watch videos on youtube and check e-mails. I also use it to do general web browsing.i only need it while i was out where there would be no wi-fi connection. Can you tell how much...
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    ipod questions

    hi just wanted to know if the charger cable for an ipod Nano(6th gen) will work with my ipad2 charger plug also i want to konw if its possiable to transfer song and audiobooks from my ipad2 to ipod nano (6th gen) and if so how do you do it?
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    transfering word documents

    hi i was thinking of buy documents to go or pages but i wanted to know how you transfer word docs from the ipad2 to the computer thanks
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    iPad 2 dock question

    hi I am thinking of buying the iPad2 dock and wanted to ask a few questions if I want to connect to speakers what sort of speakers do I need and hat sort of cable do I need to connect the I pad2 dock to the speakers
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    deleting stuff from my I pad 2

    3 questions do I delete an audiobooks 2. how do delete an video (eg a tv programee or film) 3. how do I delete songs
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    apple digital av adapter.

    hi I'm thinking of buying the apple digital av adapter but I want to know can I use any hdmi cable to connect it to my hdtv or do I need an apple hdmi cable
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    Memory left

    How do I check how much memory I have left/free thanks
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    Deleting apps

    Hi just want to know how to delete apps thanks
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    Deleting ibooks

    Hi a quick question how do you delete a book from iBooks?