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    Best app for note taking with a stylus?

    Not sure if you'll consider its features minimal or not (they're actually quite expansive) but if you haven't seen it check out Noteshelf. The wrist protection is great. I've been using it for classes and really love it.
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    App store not working...

    Sorry, should also clarify that my network is functional in every respect. The entire Internet shows me itself. ;-). Thanks again!
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    App store not working...

    Have any of you guys had this problem? For the past week or so, I have updates showing up in the App Store (on the iPad) and I say update and put in my password and they say they are downloading but the little home screen progress bars just stay dark with no progress, then the 'waiting...'...
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    iPad server connection?

    Hey there, glad to be a new member! Just got my iPad 2 and am having a blast figuring it out. Here's my biggest issue I can't solve: My school has a file share on a server on the network. When you are in the building, all you do is connect to the server via Cmd-K (Mac) or Start >...