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  1. K

    Addict to memes

    it's hilarious. But I think I actually addicted to it. I amalways falling sleep while watching videos about memes. Or I couldn't sleep. How to get rid of this situation?
  2. K

    Need a keyboard for iPad Pro 11"

    I need to buy a keyboard and a keyboard case for my iPad Pro 11 inches. I want a keyboard that uses the smart connect and come specifically for iPad pro 11'' But t is okay if it's not apple because I have no idea to spend more than $180 for just a keyboard. Thanks.
  3. K

    App for recording the device screen itself

    I wonder is there any app that allows us to record the device screen itself. I am kinda new to iOS. So if anyone knows anything about this kind of an app please can you suggest to me?
  4. K

    How to do several activities in same time while watching a youtube video?

    Is there an option to work in email and browse online while watching a youtube video. I mean do several activities while watching a video. Am I missing something?
  5. K

    How to restart my broken iPad?

    So this happened to my very old iPad 2. It worked quite fine but recently it got stuck while I using it. The battery percentage also was more than 75%. It got shut down and it seems like it is trying to restart. But no apple logo. An only small icon of loading. And its only loading but not going...
  6. K

    Does playing games in iPad will damage it?

    My mother always yelling me saying playing games with my iPad will damage it eventually because we are using the touch screen so much. I do not think it's correct. But I like to know if any truth behind this statement. If it is a dumb question I'm sorry. But can someone explain it to me?
  7. K

    Why one of the best games for iPad is gone to Minecraft?

    I don't understand the obsession with the Minecraft among my friends. mining, and endless exploring in #D pixelated world? Nope. no thanks. Not for my iPad. Are there any Minecraft players out there? I like to know what do you see in that kind of game.
  8. K

    Issue with the back camera

    There is an issue with my iPad Pro. Its always on selfie mode and can not take photos from the back camera. there is a not an option also to switch it back to back camera. I don't why this is happening because I did not really use it before. I mean the camera. I don't know if it is because of...
  9. K

    Guitar app for jail-broken iPad

    Is there any trusted guitar app for download to jailbroken iPad pro. When I using an Android mobile device I download some app like this but it is full of spams. Can anyone recommend me a trusted app without spam?
  10. K

    Is it okay to use an ipad with a cracked screen?

    I have this iPad which was cracked by mistakenly. It is just a small crake in the middle. It workes fine. Is it okay to use an iPad with a cracked screen? How long it will last without repair.?
  11. K

    iPad Pro stuck while scrolling. How to fix this?

    I have this iPad pro I got it in 2017. It works perfectly fine but later it started to stuck when I scrolling down or up. then it will be stuck for like a few seconds and working again. what is the reason that this is happening? Only the touch problem and there is nothing else wrong with it. I...
  12. K

    Hello im new here

    Forums are the best method for any problem. Since I joined here to find all about iOS I hope you all will help me. Thank you, fellas.Glad to be here.