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    Messenger bag for new ipad

    I use a smart cover for my ipad and decided not to go with protection for the back of the device. I do take it everywhere though, does anyone know of a good messenger bag for the iPad that Doesn't look like a women's purse. Thanks
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    Case or just smart cover?

    O For those who just got the new iPad, are you getting a full case for it or keeping the way it is with maybe just a smart cover?
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    Scratches on ipad

    I am considering just using a smart cover for my new iPad. I'm a bit worried about scratches on the back. I'm leaning towards no back protection . Just wondering if people here that have done the same thing have scratches on the back of their iPad?
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    Back protection with smart cover

    I love the red leather apple smart cover for the iPad but I'm scarred I will scratch up the back side without protection. I don't want to make it all bulky and take away from the nice form of the iPad. Any suggestions on what to get to protect back side from scratched? Thanks