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    Apps Tab On iTunes Freezing

    Okay I wanted to report back that I was able to fix. Simple solution which was wait 10+ minutes and the sync apps box will eventually get checked. Appears to be a one-time issue as subsequent syncs have not had the delay.
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    Apps Tab On iTunes Freezing

    Whenever I try to sync my iPad to iTunes and choose " sync apps" box under the "apps" tab my iTunes freezes. I have let iTunes remain "frozen" for around 10 minutes and no changes. FWIW No issues with any other tabs (i.e., music, movies, podcasts, etc.). Has anybody else experienced this...
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    iPad Ready Sites

    Very informative topic. Please keep post alive...thanks!
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    UPS guy said something interesting...

    I live in Eagle River. Only status update I received was that it was in two locations in China before there was a knock on my door! Good luck!
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    1st Impressions.......

    My initial thoughts after about an hour of use: 1) A little heavier than I anticipated but feels nice and sturdy. 2) Putting a 3m screen protector was not easy with the large size of the screen. 3) The background photo with the time lapse stars made it initially appear as if I had diagonal...
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    UPS guy said something interesting...

    Just got mine an hour ago. There definitely must be some special handling going on for the iPads as UPS never delivers to my part of town on weekends. I asked the UPS delivery guy about it and he said that the company has a special agreement with Apple to deliver just the iPads. I asked him...
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    What do you think you'll use your iPad for?

    I would get one of these dock extenders. They are relatively cheap and free shipping (although may take several weeks). I have two and they work great on my iPhone 3g. [FONT=Arial]
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    What iPad model will you buy?

    Pre-ordered the 32gb wi-fi. My Touch is the same size and have only used about 20gb so factoring a few gigs more for the iPad makes sense to me. Will consider upgrading as newer versions come out.