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    Re-entering Password

    I disagree. I've been hooked up with WiFi at the same time my wife is on her laptop, and she has exhibited no problem. Yet, I have had to enter my security password on multiple occasions and have also had to try various things through Settings to get connected back up. The signal is strong in...
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    My ipad wi-fi is acting flakey

    This is off the original topic, but moving apps on and off the iPad is being mentioned. How does one do that? Again, this is my first Apple product, so please bare with my ignorance.
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    Can you hook headphones to the iPad?

    I never owned an iPod, so maybe this is a dumb question, buy I have to ask it. Can you hook up headphones to the iPad? I plan on using it for watching movies while traveling, and certainly can't depend on playing it through the external speaker sitting next to other passengers. Please tell me...
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    Netflix Question

    I know I've seen several posts from various forum members about Netflix. I can't figure out how to watch some of the titles beyond the first week of the series. One example of this is Weeds Season 5. It seems like I can only view the first show of the season, and none of the following shows...
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    Has anybody else been having intermittency with WiFi connection?

    I ended up resetting the router and everything is fine. Hopefully it was the router and not the iPad. I was nervous with all the noise about potential router issues.
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    Need some tips on using Go To Documents

    I've been in the Documents To Documents and sometimes can't figure out how to get back to the main screen where you can select various documents. There seems to be no Back button that gets me there when I go in a certain way. What's the trick to get back? So far I'm pretty impressed with the...
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    iPad 3G Support Group Thread

    Didn't wait for the 3G, and I jumped for joy for not waiting after seeing this: How to: WiFi Tether a Motorola Droid to an iPad | Droid Life: A Motorola Droid Blog
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    Has anybody else been having intermittency with WiFi connection?

    I know there has been some discussion on WiFi connection issues, but until this morning, I had experienced none. This morning, I couldn't get hooked up with my home network. I'm having a little difficulty understanding how through the Settings, you can determine this. I only realized it, when...
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    Can you tether the iPad thru a Blackbberry?

    I found a post about using a Droid, but anyone know if any other phones can be tethered? What about the Blackberry?
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    What is the likelihood that they'll be an App for...

    I couldn't fit it all in - but does anyone think it would be possible to have an App that utilizes a mobile phone that has Mobile Access (ie VZ Verizon Access Manager) to tie in to the iPad and get a web connection?
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    Why go I get "Not Charging" when the iPad is plugged in to PC's USB?

    When I plug my iPad in to the USB port of my lap top, I get a "Not Charging" indication near the battery indicator? I'm still living off the first initial charge through the supplied adapter but really planned on charging it via my lap top or PC. Any ideas why?
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    Apple Case

    I've got one, but I think it's grossly overpriced. Paid $39.99 at BB, and also picked up a clear screen protector. It was also overpriced - but I thought it better than going through the anxiety if the iPad got dinged or scratched. After doing a little research, it appears there are other...
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    Best apps for working with PDF, Excel and Word files?

    Just got my iPad and so far I'm very impressed with it. First Apple product I've purchased. How do you get files on to it? Again, be patient with me as it's my first Apple product, but I know that you use iTunes to get Music and Videos - and I have downloaded iBooks and have purchase two...