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  1. Mike_73

    Overclocking iPad1

    So I read about a cydia app to overclock my iPad. I just had to try it, and I'm very pleased with the speed increase overall. One of the things mentioned in the article I stumbled over was, that the battery wouldn't last as long, but I haven't really recognized that yet. I've set my iPad to...
  2. Mike_73

    Home sharing

    I tried home sharing yesterday, and the only thing showing up on my iDevices is that it can see that there's a library on my PC. But it doesn't show any tracks. Well, I haven't purchased tracks via itunes. I rather have ripped all my CDs (which are now gathering dust in the basement) a loooong...
  3. Mike_73

    Alarms and system sounds

    I know it's about the iPad, but I assume settings are the same for iPod (which I bought recently as an "iPad on the go" as it fits better in my pant's pockets). If I turn off the alarm sounds, I also have my system sounds off. So far so good. But I'd like to have system sounds off and alarms...
  4. Mike_73

    Syncing iPad without syncing music

    Everytime I sync my iPad, iTunes requests I connect to the internet because it needs to check which tracks to sync. Well, I don't have any music on my iPad and I would like to skip that one step when syncing so I don't get this popup window everytime I sync. Any ideas? Thanks
  5. Mike_73

    Airprint help

    Since updating to itunes 10.1 final and ios 4.2.1 final, I cannot print via my network. I tried to install manually, I tried to use different "airprint activators" but none of them work. Even my iPad crashes when I try printing from pages. It worked with itunes 10.1 beta 2 and ios 4.2 beta 3...
  6. Mike_73

    Which redsn0w version for iPad?

    I finally want to JB my iPad but I'm confused which redsn0w version I'm supposed to use. Most tutorials state, that one JBs iPad 4.2.1 with 0.9.6b4, but there's already b6 available. So, which one should I take?
  7. Mike_73

    Air print from iOs4.2 final vs. iOs4.2 GM

    I just read that apple has removed all references for airprint to print via a PC. If this means that printing via wifi connected PC won't work, then I just "miss-invested" money into the iwork apps. The only reason why I bought pages and numbers was the outlook to print via wifi. Now to my...
  8. Mike_73

    Early Edition help needed...

    I use Early edition for my rss feeds. I've been using it for about a week now and the collection gets bigger and bigger. Is there a way to delete old stuff (like say older than 3 days or so, or set to a specific date)? I couldn't find a settings menu where I could take control of that. Any...
  9. Mike_73

    Instructables for iPad-Cases

    I made two cases for my iPad. I wanted to share the ideas here in case someone is around looking for ideas what and how to make one. I have posted the instructables on but unfortunately, I'm not allowed to post links in the forum just yet. So search for the terms marked with...