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  1. K

    Extreme Sleeve 2

    I have been doing research for this sleeve and it looks amazing. I have seen many tests and it looks almost indestructable. I am thinking about getting it soon for my Ipad 2. Does anyone else have it? Does it live up to these tests?
  2. K

    Azul Player + Atomic Web = Awesomeness

    These two apps combined are amazing. I can basically download any video file from Atomic, then just open it in Azul. I recommend this combination to anyone who wants to download videos straight to their Ipad. :) Anyone use either of these apps?
  3. K

    Strange Glitch on iPad 2..?

    I bought my iPad 2 a couple days ago and everything has worked great. A bit ago though, my sliders stopped responding and my touchscreen was barely responding. I triple clicked my home button and it snapped out of it, since I did not know how to force reboot (I just figured that out). My heart...
  4. K

    Will 16GB be satisfactory?

    I am planning buying an iPad 2 in the next few weeks. Currently, the only major store that has any in my area is Walmart and they currently only have 16GB versions. I know that it will depend on how much I put on it in the end, but is this a good amount of space for this product? It might be the...
  5. K

    New member here!

    Strangely enough, I found this forum by searching up XOOM vs. iPad 2 comparisons, to help confirm my purchase that I will be making in a few weeks. I thought, why not register? So, here I am.:D