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  1. J

    iDisk downloads

    GoodReader can connect to your iDisk and it can play movies, so that should be an option. I've never tried it, though.
  2. J

    Friendly Facebook

    There is nothing you can do about it, but on the company website many people complained. I'm sure they'll change this in the next update.
  3. J

    Photos on ipad

    To edit them you have to get an App that can do this. Look for the free Adobe Photoshop Express app. I'm not sure what you mean with use them in other 'folders', but if you mean in other Apps, then it depends on the App. Some apps can use photos from your pictures collection, others can't.
  4. J

    iPad Apps Tracker?

    I don't think so, but I don't use this feature of AppShopper because App Store basically does the same thing (except that you won't receive push notifications). I simply start it up once a day to let it check for any updates.
  5. J

    iPad Apps Tracker?

    AppShopper can do that too.
  6. J

    iPad Apps Tracker?

  7. J

    IPad could have been much better

    It's something in the middle. On my iPhone, my alarm clock app can wake me even if it's not running in the foreground. That is multitasking. In many cases, it is indeed 'fast app switching' because the app in the background doesn't do a thing, or even stops (like to movie that stopped playing)...
  8. J

    Office apps

    I changed from Pages to Docs To Go because Pages did not understand Word styles. Did that change?
  9. J

    IPad could have been much better

    Multitasking on the iPad is a bit overhyped. It's not like what it would be if a normal computer didn't have multitasking. On a normal computer, if you wanted to read a mail while working in Pages, you would have to save the Pages document, close Pages, open Mail, read the message, close Mail...
  10. J

    Ipad for Word/Excel?

    I would advice 'DocsToGo'. Much better at keeping styles than Pages and cheaper because one app can do both.
  11. J

    Mobile Me?

    The MobileMe Gallery app was updated for iPad support today.
  12. J

    Why does iPhoto open when I sync my iPad?

    There is a better way, actually. Open 'Image Capture'. In this application you can set the preference per device, so you can tell iPhoto to open when your real camera is connected, and iTunes when the iPad is connected. You do need Snow Leopard for that, it doesn't work in Leopard.
  13. J

    Why does iPhoto open when I sync my iPad?

    Just a guess: do you have the camera connection kit and did you ever download photos from a camera to the iPad? If so, that probably explains it.
  14. J

    Mobile Me?

    No doubt they will one day. Apple's resources are limited too, so they have to set priorities just like anyone else. You can also view your galleries in Safari...
  15. J

    Mobile Me?

    The gallery viewer is still an iPhone only app, but I find that the quality is excellent when used in 2x mode. The image is not simply doubled on screen, but reloaded at higher resolution. Of course, your gallery images need to have that resolution in the first place...
  16. J

    iPad won't log in; other computers will

    I assume that page 'Click for access' comes up in Safari? If so, try another browser to see if that works.
  17. J

    Is it possible to download MS Word files on to the iPad?

    Copy and paste have nothing to do with multitasking. You can copy something in one application, stop that application and open a different one, and then paste into that application.
  18. J

    Aperture 3 for iPad???

    I wouldn't hold my breath. Photoshop Express is a completely different beast. It's a simple pixel editor, while Aperture is a metadata editor and a database application. It would be better to compare Aperture to Adobe Lightroom, which is also not available on the iPad. Technically it is probably...
  19. J

    US iPad will not allow appstore app to work in UK

    This problem was only true in the very beginning, when the iPad was only available in the USA. If you bought the iPad there, and tried to connect to your local iTunes Store, the iPad was not recognized as a valid device, because it wasn't available yet locally. Right now, you can simply buy an...
  20. J

    Itunes synchronising m4v to Ipad

    The reason could be that the sampling rate of the sound is too high. Use MPEG Streamclip to convert your movie to the right size and sampling rate. You can find the settings here.
  21. J

    The iPad is just too heavy! :(

    I've seen people reading a book on an ebook reader standing at a bus stop, holding the reader in one hand. That is something you cannot do with an iPad at least not for any length of time. Sitting in an easy chair however, you just let the iPad rest on your lap so you only have to use one hand...
  22. J

    Sync two Ipads

    Sigh. What do you think 'if the app supports synching' means? It means exactly what you call 'compatible apps'. Yes, you can sync Word, Excel, PDF, TEXT and some other document formats between certain apps such as Pages, GoodReader, DocsToGo, etcetera, but there are also quite a number of apps...
  23. J

    Virus Protection for iPad.

    No, it's not necessary and so there isn't any virus protection software for the iPad.
  24. J

    Sync two Ipads

    I don't know how many times this needs to be repeated: Only if the app supports that. If an app does not support synching, that's not going to work for any documents created with that app.
  25. J

    Sync two Ipads

    Again, that's only possible if the app supports it. Contrary to a 'normal' computer, the iPad doesn't have a file system that is available to the apps. So the apps have to use their own version of a file system. If the developer chose not to support synching (because he didn't think there was...
  26. J

    Sync two Ipads

    It may not be that easy. Synching both to iTunes will sync apps and music, but it won't sync documents your stored with those apps. Depending on the kind of app, synching documents may be easy (if the app supports USB synching) or very difficult (if the app doesn't support any kind of synching...
  27. J

    Syncing Ipad!

    Of course you can. In iTunes, you can set that the iPad will automatically sync as soon as it's connected, or that you want to do that manually. Set it to manually, so you can connect it without it starting to sync.
  28. J

    Syncing Ipad!

    No, it's not necessary to select the iPad, but then the information you see at the bottom in iTunes has nothing to do with the iPad. It is indeed the number of music files in your library and how long it will take to play them. If you want to see some info about the iPad, select it. You will...
  29. J

    Syncing Ipad!

    Did you select the iPad itself in iTunes? If not, it probably doesn't refer to the iPad, but to the iTunes library on your computer. It means you have 162 songs, that take up 1.2 GB of disk space and it would take 10.3 hours to play them all.
  30. J

    Gmail Question

    What you can do is the following: go to the Gmail settings and then to 'Forwarding and POP/IMAP'. Enable POP and choose not to archive messages that have been collected. Finally, in the Mail app, set your Gmail account to use POP. From now on, all new mail is downloaded to your iPad and deleted...
  31. J

    iPad 4.02 jailbreak

    I don't think there's an iPad 4.02 yet either...
  32. J

    Map link to picture

    Your photo needs to have GPS data ('geotags'). If it does, the iPad will show where it was taken on the map.
  33. J

    Gmail Question

    Gmail archives all mail (sent and received) in the All Mail folder, unless you change the settings and tell it not to do this. You will have to go online with your browser to change that. You cannot change it from within the Mail client. Deleting those messages online is rather quick and...
  34. J

    BBC iPlayer, won't play videos

    Are you located in the UK? If not, that may be the reason. BBC checks your IP number and doesn't allow any video streaming go outside the UK. Maybe this is the way they do that now.
  35. J

    Why do they call it the Sleep/Wake button?

    It has a double function. When you are playing music, it's a lock button. The screen does not react to touching, but the music keeps playing so it's not sleeping. If you are not playing music, pressing that button puts the iPad to sleep. So 'Sleep/Wake/Lock/Unlock button' would have been a more...
  36. J

    Hotel internet

    If your laptop is a Macintosh, you don't even need a special application. Everything is already in the system software. Just turn on 'internet sharing' in the Sharing system preferences.
  37. J

    How long does it take to back up your iPad?

    Possibly, but not necessarily. And because there are so many complaints, also unlikely. Do realise that even if your iPad and mine may seem identical, they are not. I use different apps and different settings, and just one little setting may be the cause. For example: perhaps you use POP email...
  38. J

    How long does it take to back up your iPad?

    Great tip, thanks. The iPod Touch used to have the same problem with very slow backups. But after an upgrade (I don't remember if it was a firmware upgrade for the iPod or an upgrade of iTunes) the problem was over. My 16 GB iPod Touch is filled much more than my 16 GB iPad, but the iPod backup...
  39. J

    Email sending problems

    Maybe you did, but that is not normal behavior.
  40. J

    Email sending problems

    You don't have to restart the iPad.