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    New Social Group - Singapore & Asia iPad Owner

    They tell you how to do what you already do, for a fee.
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    Carbon Fiber plz

    $120 case for a sub $800 iPad. It sure looks nice, and probably works great, but the price point is a little too rich for me. Pass. Good luck with it , though :)
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    How To Save Email Photo Attachment?

    Touch and hold until the menu pops up
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    Pics of iPad killer

    I'm dating myself I know. The whole thing smacks of Mork and Mindy. Your NeNo will be delivered be the next express egg from Ork, the scrambler. Nanu Nanu.
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    Have you ever dropped your ipad? Bumped it?

    Cleaning the basement monday. Had the iPad in its case sitting on top of the freezer playing a video. Moved a table, bumped the freezer and watched in agonizing slow motion as it gently toppled forward off the freezer and headed for the inevitable encounter with the concrete. Got a sneaker...
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    Do you turn off your ipad?

    Which is another way of saying you have no care or respect for the people you interact with. Or you are terminally lazy. Or both. A well run forum, which this certainly appears to be, is a community of people sharing information and ideas, debating opinions and issues on their merits. I did...
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    Pics of iPad killer

    It might kill an iPad - if you dropped it on one... :)
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    Do you turn off your ipad?

    Arrant nonsense. Mine's been in nearly continuous use since I received it 28 May (Canadian release date). It sleeps when I sleep, goes on the charger when the 20% warning pops up, or when I'm asleep if it's below 50%. Hasn't been warm enough to melt margarine, let alone solid state parts.
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    Cleaning iPad screen

    When I bought my new glasses the store gave me a microfibre cleaning cloth and a bottle of lens cleaner. I spray a little on the cloth and wipe. Once a day with the fluid. Same cloth without fluid at random intervals when the smudges start to bug me.
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    Canadian iBook Store

    Anyone have any guesses on how long it will be before we Canadians will be able to purchase current works throught the iBook store?
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    Locking resets

    Perhaps it's the adult that needs behaviour modification. Don't leave the iPad where the 3 yr olds can get their hands on it....:)
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    Mine Just Shipped!!!!

    sync with same itunes library and same itunes account - yes, mine did
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    Predictions for the iPad 2

    Easy enough to do in firmware. No matter what size card physically installed, OS limits addressable expansion memory based on native memory.
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    Predictions for the iPad 2

    Easily addressed. Platform limits: a 16G can only add 8G, a 32 can only add 16G, and a 64G is openended. Thus a low end buyer can't achieve the next level, but the top model is open up to some defineable hardware limit
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    uk /usa ipad

    Correct. Most electronic stores, and airport shops, sell travel adapter kits.
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    a neat camera idea for the ipad

    2,000,000 and counting, with no sign of slackening. Estimated 1 iPad currently being sold every 13 seconds. I'm thinking the definition of 'substantial' may have been exceeded. Given that the second most quoted complaint that I've seen has been the lack of a camera, the market for such a...
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    iPad chillin in Hong Kong for 3 days?

    I know :) I was just trying to stir the paranoia pot a little. Maybe they've discovered a production fault in the most recent run because they've increased production beyond capacity. Perhaps the last round of shipments have been recalled ... (STIR STIR STIR the pot)
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    iPad chillin in Hong Kong for 3 days?

    Perhaps Apple has finally run out of iPads.... We know they've had production volume issues from day 1 due to unexpacted demand
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    Copy and paste a calendar event

    Or make it repeat if the span isn't too wide and delete the ones you don't want.
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    How to tell the difference between chargers?

    1. The only dumb question is the question not asked, especially when concerned about damage to your iPad. 2. No. The iPod charger mimics the current on a USB port, and thus the unit may charge slowly, like when it's plugged into your pc/laptop, but it won't blow up.
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    Does iPad bluetooth work now ?

    Using the Cerulean iSkin F1. No issues, works every time
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    Poor planning by Apple IMO

    While that's true, the app store is gonna generate a significant level of brand inertia. It's not just that the platform is amazing (it is, really!) but that whatever you may want to use it for has probably already been put in place specifically to meet your needs. Coming up with another...
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    Is iPad right for me?

    Yes! There's an app for that!
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    Overheating problem?????

    Mine's been in the apple case since the case arrived. It sleeps when I sleep, otherwise it's in constant use. No sign of overheating, or even 'heating' for that matter. Not too surprised to see some myths starting to circulate...
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    Just placed my order for an iPad on Apple Website...

    likewise, and while I new my delivery would be the same day but likely after the retail release at 0900, I couldn't take the time off work to stand in line. Picking it up from fedex after work was just a better fit.
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    iPad worth driving three hours round trip???

    Ah. Solved that one. Spending a couple of days investigating how best to integrate the platform into our operations, as I expect we'll be seeing more and more of them. Hopefully, by the time I've developed a parcel of reccomendations re apps, access points, necessary security adjustments...
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    Touch guides-why?

    True, but that's probably another design choice for realism. After all, the keys on my physical keyboard don't switch either... :D
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    iPad worth driving three hours round trip???

    lol Spend $30 to drive 3+ hours to buy a ~800$ toy, and maybe treat the wife to a $50 dinner? Somebody's asking for a b*tch slappin... lol
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    Portrait or Landscape?

    Just my own curiousity - do you find yourself holding it primarily in one orientation or the other?
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    What does iPad better than other devices?

    It just works. I can do everything the iPad does on my laptop, but I have to mess with driver versions, incompatibilities, file format hell. If I want to do something my iPad doesn't already do, there's probably an app for that... And installing a new app doesn't destabilize anything I...
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    Can someone with one iPad test this site please?

    no go on my iPad. I get the page and a button says 'Streaming...', but nothing happens.
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    Best Cover, Carrying Case, & Screen Protection

    I'm in Newfoundland. It's raining. My iPad has arrived, my Apple case has not. I'm too cheap to buy an aftermarket case until I have evaluated the one I've already paid for. I want to take my new baby to the office. Solution? Grocery bag! The best waterproof case ever... :D
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    How do you clean the touch screen

    Microfibre cloth. If the spirit moves me I occasionally spray some eyeglass lens cleaner on the cloth.
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    Official iPad Owners List

    64 Gb 3G And loving it!
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    iPad Pre-Order Shipping date changed again

    :D:D:D I got it!!! What a tale of woe. 1. My son was home to meet the truck, but he somehow missed it. Website showed delivery exception, customer not available. 2. I called, rather pissed. The agent said I could pick it up at the local facility after 4:30. 3. I get there promptly...
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    Show Your Art!

    I'd love to learn too, but I'd have trouble drawing a straight line with a ruler...
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    Got your Canadian iPad Preorder yet?

    On FedEx vehicle for delivery Ohboy ohboy ohboy!
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    iPad Pre-Order Shipping date changed again

    Congrats! (and yes, I'm jealous...)
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    iPad Pre-Order Shipping date changed again

    And, of course, this morning apple ships my case from SHENZHEN. Oh that poor fedex website lol