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    219 New Sexy Girls iPad Wallpapers

    ***New Updates! 134 New Lingerie ipad wallpapers 85 New Bikini ipad wallpapers Here's a teaser BIKINI LINGERIE ENJOY! :D
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    New Audi R8 iPad Wallpapers

    Here are some new Audi R8 iPad Wallpapers
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    230 New iPad Wallpapers - Cars

    Here's the latest car ipad wallpapers: Aston Martin Vantage Lamborghini Gallardo Lamborghini Murcielago And many more ipad wallpapers, stay tuned for new updates!
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    Largest iPad Wallpaper Database

    Pimps use iPads too, but there's many different categories to choose from. Here are some new military ipad wallpapers Aircraft iPad Wallpaper
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    Largest iPad Wallpaper Database

    New Hot Aishwarya Rai iPad Wallpapers Here's one of them:
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    Largest iPad Wallpaper Database

    Here's 3 Sexy Wallpapers. - ipad wallpapers
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    Largest iPad Wallpaper Database

    I came across this site, it's incredible how many wallpapers they actually have. This one was one of my favorites: Now tell me that ain't sexy ;) every day these guys come up with 200 wallpapers it's insane, check it out here: ipad wallpapers
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    Where would I find more wallpapers like this?

    I have found the perfect place for you my friend, check this out Planets iPad Wallpapers I hope you like :)
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    Best Wallpaper Site I've Seen So Far....

    These wallpapers look like they have been re-sized or something. Bad quality...
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    Photoshop Template for iPad Wallpapers

    Good idea! - You can always just create your wallpaper in 1024x1024 resolution. Either way always make sure that your most important content is in the middle. That way whichever way you spin your ipad, you'll see what matters most :)