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    Are there any cheap bt to rs232 adapters? I seen the Wisnap at Serialio - Mobile Barcode & RFID Solutions but it is 169.99 Wow
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    Why update to 4.3.2?

    4.3.1 screwed up my wifi as well when using wpa enterprise, tkip/peap/ This trick above sadly doesn't work
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    iOS 4.3 + College Network = internet-less iPad.

    so I posted some info on the apple forum about my problem Low and behold, within an hour the fanboi's came in ruined the thread, and BAM....thread deleted. God forbid you go onto a Apple forum and say that an apple product is not working as it is suppsed to. I'll continue to poke away at...
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    iOS 4.3 + College Network = internet-less iPad.

    Tested my iPad 1 with my Campus network today, and sure enough it connects....then disconnects, then connects....then disconnects. Same issues I had before 4.2.1 Garbage. An internet tablet that doesn't work with a Cisco Wireless network...crazy How can I recommend these to workers and...
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    iOS 4.3 + College Network = internet-less iPad.

    Let's see if 4.3.1 fixes it. Will try on monday
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    Real Racing 2 FULL 1080p Output Coming Soon *VIDEO*

    ...if only the ipad had a few buttons....the possibilities. This is pretty cool though. Next step, Wireless HDMI
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    iOS 4.3 + College Network = internet-less iPad.

    same issues here. My ipad1 with 4.3 simply does not work at my office anymore. Will not connect to the wireless whatsoever. The irony here is that I am one of the Network and Sys Admins. We have Cisco AP's, WPA Enterprise, TKIP, Peap, MSCHAP, radius etc. I have always had issues with iPads on...
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    4.3 officially released today Mar 9

    Well, they did it again. They Killed my Wireless. This has been an issue since I got it, but the last update 4.2 actually fixed it. I have a Cisco Wireless at work, I am one of the lan admins, and at least mine will not work with it anymore. Just like pre 4.2 nothing special about our...
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    What is apple's secret

    Apples knows how to market things and make them look hip. I never considered the iPod groundbreaking and there were countless other mp3 players many times better. The notebooks have been ok, but I don't see anything groundbreaking about them either. Touchscreen phones were out long before the...
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    How to get music from iPad to stereo system

    I have this one For only $16.80 each when QTY 50+ purchased - BlueTooth Music Receiver | BlueTooth Music Receiver to send audio to these in a workout room. Logitech Rechargeable Speaker (S715I) : Dockable Speakers - Best Buy Canada it works ok. Some crackling of higher freq. Range is...
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    Does Apple Need the iPad 2?

    ....chances are they would still call it an iPad. Especially the new tablets that look so much like the iPad, the average user just won't know the difference.
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    Great looking IPAD stand by Twelve South

    this is still my best portable one, but it is nowhere as good or sturdy as a Modulr case and stand that I've been using. The modulr one will never tip over or pop off accidently and is far better for typing on. I still stand by my original opinion that this compass design is flawed. if you do...
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    So my iPad died...

    Well, I'm back in business. Feb 6th placed the call for repair, Feb 22nd got my replacement. The weather was a big factor in the Delay, but as expected, the replacement came from the States which was also a delay. I'm sure summer months would be quite a bit quicker. I'm surprised they don't...
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    Fav Apps

    is there a xbmc for a non jailbroken ipad? iTAP - remote desktop Zinio Atomic Browser
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    So my iPad died...

    finally got the box today to ship it back. Took a week. Darn weather is killing me here, delaying everything. I want my iPad back ! It's amazing how much you miss it. I guess I'll have to go back to using my Laptop.....arrrrg :) The box for sending it back in is actually quite small. Seems...
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    So my iPad died...

    If you knew my luck....this would make sense. The only luck I have is bad. Apple tech support, well, I only talked to the one fella but I had no complaints. I was concerned when I went online, as it states that once you were passed the initial 90 days that you will get charge for a phone call to...
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    So my iPad died...

    Sunday morning. After 6 months use, it froze and went into a contant loop of rebooting. After a few hours trying to restore,reflash back to a new device I gave up and called Apple. Not a scratch on it. It has left the house maybe 6 times in 6 months. We have no kids, and it is taken care of...
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    Cannot Turn Passcode Lock Off!!?!?

    this is something that irritates me. I want to be able to turn it off.
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    Which case to get?

    I love my Modulr system and it comes with the best stand I've tried yet.
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    4.2.5 On it's way ??

    plus one. This is not making things's harder
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    Is Apple Planning to Ditch the Home Button on Forthcoming iPads and iPhones?

    very good points. I'm not a fan of this idea at all. If anything I want to see a few more hard buttons. Better for games
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    Modulr case and system

    I have had this for near a month now and I have to give modulr credit. It's everything I need it to be, and as a case I can not see a need for more protection then this. I got the modulr package - case,cover, stand, hand strap and wall mount. The surprise is the stand. The way it attaches to...
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    Best External Speakers for iPad?

    I bought the iPod dock, logitech s715s. Now I am a bit of an audio nut. You here this all the time, people saying a speaker sounds so great, you'll never believe it and so on....but this logitech set is really quite good. Paid 99 Canadian for mine, has built in nimh rechargeable batteries...
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    Electronic Arts Holds Massive iPad Games Sale Including SimCity Deluxe

    In Canada as well. Too bad I bought sim city last night...doh
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    Outlook web access - internet explorer

    curious, what is it that you could not do in safari? I have no issues - but I do tend to use exchange mail more these days
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    buy now or wait

    Web pages are slow, browser is slow, overall performance feels like a pc with not enough ram There is a reason why they put 512 into their new iPhone...and it'll be the same reason why it'll be in the new iPad
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    Apple Thinks It Can Sell 6 Million iPad 2s A Month

    Steve jobs knows exactly what he is doing and why. The ipad was purposely handicapped from the start to make as large of a profit as possible. That is just business, even though I do not agree with it. Until there was competition he only needed to release a min. Spec tablet and that is what he...
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    SimCity Deluxe

    Got it last night, pretty much the same as any other sim city. There is a tutorial mode, did u try that?
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    Looking for ipad case...

    Zagg aluminum ..done See advertisements above
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    buy now or wait

    More ram is enough for me on its own to say wait
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    Ipad2 new info

    Gotta love competition Too bad it took competition for Applemto realize that they released a gimped product with not enough ram, no camera, and even their own phone has a better screen.
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    Infinity Blade Soars to Top of Charts Within Hours of Release

    The iPad will never be a proper gaming buttons. Without them any game will be gimped somehow The onscreen buttons just do not work well, and your hand gets in the way. Every touch device prior to the iPad suffered the same fate. Sometimes you just need buttons
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    Air Display or Maxivista?

    I bought maxi vista. it works well, but no touch screen and forget large videos, but I knew this before hand. I am happy with it
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    Headrest Mount

    Modulr has one too
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    Logitech s715 Just grabbed one on sale for 99 bucks Canadian at futureshop
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    Should Apple reconsider 7 inch?

    Nope, no interest at all. I have had small tablets before, nokia, and its not sensible. If anything I would rather a 11-12" proper wide screen version
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    Belkin Bluetooth receiver - alternatives WITH volume control?

    But how does it sound? as good as a wire?
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    Air Display or Maxivista?

    Ok, thanks
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    Most Protective Case?

    That's a decent price given that it comes with full protection.