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    Ipad jailbreak 3.2.2
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    help jailbreaking... i'm confused! Do what it says in this post and you'll be able to downgrade. It worked for me.
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    Is there a program that will allow me to record music from SmartTunes (a radio station program)? thanks dane
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    App icon is not showing up

    I've downloaded a few apps from a "certain program", but the app is not showing up. It doesn't do this for all the apps I've downloaded only a few? Any ideas how to get it to show up? It doesn't show up in itunes when I sync. I try installing again but the "program" where I download from says...
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    Jailbreakme website is down

    any one know how I can jailbreak my 3.2.1 os ipad? thanks dana
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    Who Had A Tablet Before, Or Thought Of Getting One.

    Probably to verify he (or she), made the right choice in going with the iPad instead of a tablet.
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    The Easier Way to Instal Flash on iPad

    Yes, sorry, I should of added that.
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    The Easier Way to Instal Flash on iPad

    When I follow these steps, I push install and I get this notice: "The requested modifications cannot be applied due to required dependencies or conflicts that cannot be automatically found or fixed" Any ideas how to fix this? Thanks
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    SSH mount via script.

    Would you mind possibly writing a tutorial for this? Using iSSH please.
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    Multi colored lines on the right side when powering on.

    I have the same thing. I'm jail broken also.
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    How to get more apps on the bottom

    Sounds like what I'm looking for,Thanks, I'll look it up.
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    How to get more apps on the bottom

    Obviously you haven't reached that stage yet, but there's a limit to the amount of programs you can put down there. Thanks
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    How to get more apps on the bottom

    How can I get more apps on that bar at the bottom of the screen. I am jail broken. Thanks Danes
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    Jailbreak 3.2.1 iPad With JailbreakME

    I get, Itunes 9 to function. Even though I already have it installed. Can anyone suggest a way to correct this. Thanks Dana
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    Dead ipad?
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    How to check sent messages

    Or is there a better email application I should be using?
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    How to check sent messages

    Hello all, maybe you guys can answer this, When I open the email application that comes with the iPad, I can see all my emails. I can't however see what emails I've sent. Is there something I'm missing? Thank you Dane
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    Dictionary function on ipad/ibook

    I use this dictionary feature when reading a book in iBooks.
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    help with downgrading and cydia

    Hi, I reset my ipad and deleted everything. Upon restore, it installed 3.2.1 software. Well obviously Spirit hasn't a fix for this version. Can someone help me downgrade back to v3.2, I'm pretty sure my blobs are saved by cydia. thank you Dane
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    Didn't back up my shsh files

    I'm using downloader hd as my Internet browser, it allows me to set my home page to google, unlike the standard Safari browser which just opens a blank page. Problem is it won't allow me type in forums like I'm doing right now. Only the Safari let's me do this. Is there some kind of setting...
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    Didn't back up my shsh files

    Thank you. Also I saw the work you did in the thread "over clocking", nice work.
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    Didn't back up my shsh files

    Hey, I jailbroke my ipad using spirit, but didn "t back up these apparently crucial files. I read that Cydia has a records my files. Am I screwed now or what? Or does this just mean when ipad firmware is updated by Apple, I'll have to wait till Spirit jailbreaks that version before up grading...
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    iPad messenger bag

    I'm going to remove the strap, and buckle on a handle. It will then be a briefcase type bag.
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    Over Clocking

    check it out iPad Hack: Overclock Your Apple iPad!!! | | iPad News | iPad Tips | iPad Tricks | iPad Forum | iPad Reviews | iPad Tablet Computer | iPad Accessories
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    iPad messenger bag

    I was searching for a while, and foun d this. iPad fits perfectly, and some extra pockets for a few other things. very small footprint. My iPad is in the apple case and then into the bag. 9981 Men's Messenger Mini Briefcase Leather ETOILE Bags on (item 220633625769 end time 11-Jul-10...
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    Applications and iTunes

    Thanks guys.
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    Dictionary function on ipad/ibook

    yes, you can. and it works great.
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    Applications and iTunes

    Common guys....a little help please.
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    Applications and iTunes

    I've installed free programs on my iPad and a few purchased. Some of these programs I will not be needing at the moment but would like to store them on iTunes on my desktop. So I sync my iPad and desktop allow everything to copy then disconnect. Then I delete the unused applications on my...
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    Task Manager

    Thanks guys
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    Jailbreak is god

    You mean Render it useless and cannot be repaired?
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    Task Manager

    Is there program for JB'd iPad that show all programs operating and let me close some if I like? Unless the device doesn't really have apps in the background operating. Thank you Dane
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    Ipad display problem

    Find out what the return policy is, and if possible say you don't like it and return it. Then buy another one. I don't know what there policy is so this could be a wasted effort. Still worth looking into though. And if you can't return it, then send it back again until they do...
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    Ipad mail connect problem

    The hotmail account I've hard for years works great. I made a new account last week to change over to, and I get the same error message, even though the account is active and usable on my laptop. Not sure how to resolve this either. Dane
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    No photo option in my iTunes

    Ohhhh, now I get it. Thank you Dane
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    Internet through my blackberry

    Thank you
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    No photo option in my iTunes

    I'm trying to get photos from my laptop on to my iPad. According to a article I read there is supposed to be a folder in iTunes for pictures, and then I just drag and drop. I'm not seeing any folder called "photos" or "pictures". I'm sure I'm overlooking something. Thank you Dane
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    Internet through my blackberry

    My work supplies me with a Blackberry. I can browse the web and be connected to the Internet and they're ok with that. So is there anyway to take advantage of this leniency, by connecting it to my iPad and having Internet through the blacberry? Thanks Dane
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    Cydia packages/apps compatible for iPad!

    I don't see the program forceful. I would this app on Safari Downloader, it says it hasn't been developed for iPad yet.