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    Ultimate List of Jailbreak Tweaks

    That's what I figured. Thank you for the swift reply.
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    Ultimate List of Jailbreak Tweaks

    I decided to finally jailbreak my iPad 2 after putting it off - more and more apps are only 7.0 compatible, so it was time for me to update. However, with the new interface in place, I'm still somewhat miffed with the amount of apps you can put in folders. Granted, it's a big improvement, but I...
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    Time Warner Cable App ***?

    There are some apps that can somehow, for some reason, mysteriously detect whether or not you're using a jailbroken device. I THINK Hulu+ is one of them, but I'm not 100% sure on it. But, yes, there are such apps. Why they care whether or not you have a jailbroken device is beyond me. I'm...
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    Tweaks/Apps Ready But Not Really :-(

    Shrink seems to have gotten an update yesterday or earlier today, as it's now compilable with 6.1. I just checked it myself on iOS 6.1 and it works perfectly.
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    Ultimate List of Jailbreak Tweaks

    I know some of you guys are really anxious to download and install tweaks you've grown to love, but not ALL of them has been updated to 6.x. If you try to install a tweak that is not updated to the latest firmware you currently have, you run the risk of harming your iOS in the progress one way...
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    Screen recording!

    Your iOS would need to be jailbroken if you want to record a video. DisplayRecorder is the best video recording app I've tried from Cydia.
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    Visual Music Apps

    Hello guys. I would like to enjoy music, but there's just this one little problem: I can't hear. I know I've seen Windows Media Player that can play music visually through various Visualizations in the options menu - I want something similar to that for my iPad so I can "listen" to music...
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    App Store Not Downloading Apps or Updates

    App Store Not Downloading Purchased Apps or Updates I seem to have encountered a problem with the App Store. For some reason, whenever I try to download an app or an update to an app, the App Store would ask me to sign in - even though I'm already signed in prior. When I sign in, a...
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    Good Cydia Apps?

    You may want to check this thread out:
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    DisplayRecorder Woes

    Yes, that is exactly what I needed and it worked wonderfully! Thank you! :)
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    DisplayRecorder Woes

    I have a problem. But before I get to that, what I generally do is record playthroughs of various video games and upload it to my YouTube account. I wanted to do a Mega Jump playthrough, so I used the DisplayRecorder tweak to record a video. However, the file size is a little under 2 GB. I...
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    Simpsons tapped out

    I checked around a bit, and apparently it looks like you need to update your app to be able to connect to the servers... but the app doesn't show up in the Updates list. However, there's a workaround on that one. This should help. I am sorry I cannot do any more since I do not have the app...
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    I think one of the reasons why people steal is because they can't, or doesn't want to, buy even more for their iPad.
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    Happy Street quests

    That one is actually easy. You just need to put the Flower Cart between the Lucky Spin and Fruit Stand to make a combo. It should be enough to meet Pepin's (or whoever gave you the quest) requirements.
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    Issues with Saving Photos

    I love browsing through photos on the internet, mainly on Pinterest, and saving them to my computer and then eventually syncing it to my iPad 2 so I can take them with me on the go as well. However, I have a problem. When I browse through photos on my iPad 2, for some reason when I try to...
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    Trouble with Missing Icon

    It's likely that the icon cache in your iPad is corrupt and causing "blank" icons. It can happen sometimes after installing/uninstalling tweaks from Cydia. I use iCleaner to fix the issue. It's free, I believe. Good luck!
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    Installer for iOS 5.1.1

    The App Store is still the place you go to if you want to get apps. Cydia is still the place you go to to get tweaks. Of course, since this is in the iPad Hacking section, I may have an idea of WHAT kind of "installer store" he's referring to...
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    Jailbreak my ipad3

    Don't worry. Jailbreaking your iPad3 will not break any laws or disable you from doing certain things, such as downloading/buying apps from the App store. There is a sticky that tells you how to jailbreak your iPad3 in the forum. Here it is...
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    Stevelamont already explained what Belfry is in his post.
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    iPad Reset is taking forever

    What I did was download the Remove Background tweak from Cydia, and I made it my habit that when I am done with my iPad 2 or after opening quite a few apps (I have a ton of apps on my iPad 2 that are simulation games, such as Dragonvale and Tiny Tower, that I check once a day), I activate Remove...
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    Cydia gone!

    Sometimes app icons disappear because of a corrupted cache after installing/removing tweaks, so you will need to clear out the cache. I use iCleaner for it. It's free from Cydia, be sure to check it out. It does the trick.
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    how many apps can i have in 16gb ipad?!

    You can have as many apps as you want on your iPad that totals up to 16GB. There is no limit on the number of apps. Just keep in mind that game apps usually takes up the most space.
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    How to move many icons at the same time into folders

    You actually use MultiIconMover to move multiple apps. You just need to press on an app long enough for the apps to wiggle, select the apps you want to move, and then go to the folder (or page if you're using the SpringBoard to store your apps) you want the apps to be moved to and then hit the...
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    how are your folders and icons oraganized?

    Marilyn, you can use the Folder Icons tweak to get rid of the folder background. It gets rid of the borders too, though. You can see Folder Icons in action on my Springboard I posted earlier. Of course, I'm pretty sure you knew that already. X3
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    how are your folders and icons oraganized?

    Anyway, let's get back to the topic, shall we? :3 This is what my Springboard looks like. The folders up there are Creative (art, books and camera apps), Education (japanese and HTML/CSS/JavaScript apps), Entrainment (various game apps), Reference (apps I use for reference, such as...
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    Why can't I install apps from app store?

    Are you sure the apps you want to download are indeed free? Either way, you have to put in your password to download apps, even free ones.
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    Problems using CrashReporter

    Whenever I install Shrink on my iPad 2 5.1.1, my iPad crashes into safe mode EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. and I have no idea what is causing it. I installed the CrashReporter app and sent the #crashlog to Phoenix, but he told me that the #crashlog is no good and he needs the #syslog. However, all the...
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    Ultimate List of Jailbreak Tweaks

    Is there a tweak that allows you to change the badge icon colors? The red badge icons clashes badly with my blue theme, and just simply removing them with BadgeRemover has basically prevented me from accurately knowing which app has a notification or an update for me without having to...
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    Beware batteryinfo lite

    Battery HD+ is probably the best battery info app I have downloaded, and it's free (there is Battery HD+ Pro for $1.99 which is made by the same company, so I assume HD+ is free). I have quite a lot of tweaks on my iPad2 and none of them has caused any problems with Battery HD+.
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    Downloading magnet links and torrenting

    There are various legal apps you can use to download videos such as MxTube (which only works with YouTube IIRC).
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    iOS 5.1.1 jailbreak and Transmission cydia tweak to download torrents no longeworking

    Talking about torrenting isn't going to go very well on these forums, unfortunately. They don't support piracy, after all. ^^;
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    I have this problem as well. After I installed InfiniBoard switching pages has gotten jerky, which is annoying. It may have something to do with the number of apps on the page, though.
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    Ultimate List of Jailbreak Tweaks

    I am not sure where to ask for specific tweaks since I do not see anyone asking for them in threads so I decided to ask here. If this is not the right place for this, let me know and I'll ask in the appropriate forum. I am looking for a tweak that allows you to scroll through your apps...
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    Cydia is Missing?!

    If you've been keeping all your apps in folders on the first page (like I am), any app you download will be on the next page for some reason. Try switching pages to find it.
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    WARNING! RetinaPad NOT Compatible With iPad3!

    I have RetinaPad on my iPad2 5.1.1 and it hasn't caused me any problems, so it should be safe for iPad2.
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    Official iPad2 Jailbreak Thread

    Honestly, I did not see the need to Erase All Contents and Settings when jailbreaking my iPad 2, and Absinthe only took about 10 minutes to jailbreak my iPad 2. Granted, I was using just about 15GB of my 64GB iPad2, so that may be the reason why it took a short amount of time, but even then...
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    Any Romaji > English Translation Apps?

    As of late I am practicing translating Hiragana/Katakana to English, but I have run into a problem. To actually translate from Hiragana/Katakana to English, you need to convert Hiragana/Katakana to Romaji and then English. To get from English to Hiragana/Katakana, you need to convert English...
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    Akinator is still in the app store. It's just called Akinator the Genie, but you get the idea. Go to Options (the second button on the main menu), and then click on the topmost button. It should take you to the language selection menu. To get English you should hit the last button at the...
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    Cydia and porn

    I don't think they even have control (not a lot of people do, really) on what shows up in the ad banners anyway. Why do you think there are reports of porn ads in apps intended for children?
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    You're going to have to be more specific. There is a TON of free game apps.