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    Got my soft gel case from CIMO!

    Many says that soft gel case looks really great on iPad.
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    Keyboard Dock first impressions

    I'm planning to have a keyboard for my iPad. What do you think is best for a busy businessman like me?
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    Just discovered a very cheap iPad stand

    Its good enough. I'll try to show it to my friend. Hes looking for the same thing.
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    does anyone else do this also ..

    I also bought a case together with my iPad. Makes my travel easy.
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    In case you couldn't get a case....

    I bought one right away after getting my iPad. I think with the case my iPad will be well protected.
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    iPad Acessories - a whole bunch

    Been searching for some good accessories for my iPad. I'll check it out and hope to see something interesting.
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    Any USB hubs that will charge iPad?

    This will serve as a good wake up call for iPad manufacturers.
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    iPad Case Reviews

    Been planning to buy a case for my iPad. But i'm a little confused on what to buy. Can anyone give some inputs.
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    New Griffin iPad stand

    The stand looks cool. And i bet it would make your iPad a lot easier to use when typing.