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    The official "I got my iPad Pro" thread

    I was on the fence for a couple of days. I loved my iPad mini, especially the one-handed use I could enjoy on the subway and elsewhere. But when I saw the iPad Pro in person, I just knew I had to get it. Yes, it's basically the same as any other previous iPad in theory, but the experience with...
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    Web Sites That Don't Work With Safari

    In my family, we have an iPad 1, iPad 2, iPod Touch, and 2 iPhone 4's. All running iOS 5.01. And I have never seen the glitches you are mentioning. I went and read through your posts, and I am starting to wonder whether you even own an iPad. I am a member of various Apple-related forums and I...
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    RAW file format on iPad 2

    Yes, it is the RAW file. You should go out and read some of the reviews of Filterstorm. It's not a perfect app, but it is not slow and leggy. Works great for me.
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    What size memory is most often bought and why?

    You should get as much as you can afford. That seems to be a good rule of thumb.
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    RAW file format on iPad 2

    Really? I have not noticed any slowdowns or lags using Filterstorm. It works smoothly for me.
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    RAW file format on iPad 2

    I use Filterstorm. It's a very nice and powerful app for processing, importing and converting RAW files. You can use the iPad camera connection kit to transfer the files to your iPad, or if you don't have one, you can just use Dropbox.
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    iPad Multitouch Gestures

    Remember those experimental multitouch gestures that were first implemented in the iOS 4.3 beta for iPad? Well, I updated my iPad to the official 4.3.1 and the multitouch gestures are working. There are no settings in the settings app like in the beta, but the multitouch is working by default...
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    Which iPad Case Do You Have? Rate It Out Of 10!

    Birthday suit. Perfect 10, and the only case I would ever use. ;)
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    Apple iPad 2 - Big deal or not?

    Agreed. Web browsing is one if my main uses for the iPad, but I don't miss Flash at all. I wonder what sites those people are visiting. I visit a lot of mainstream sites - Ny Times, other major newspapers, most of the well-known tech sites and blogs, etc., and lack of Flash is not an issue for...
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    iPad 2 RAM

    If you're a spec hound, I guess it could be important. If you are just interested in how the device performs, it's not important. iPad 1 had 256 mb of ram and it performs great. iPad 2 has double the ram, plus a dual core processor, so it'll be even smoother. But some people are just fixated on...
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    So many people are asking for info on RAM. I honestly don't get it. Is it because you think the device is slow or underperforming? Or is it that you are fixated on that spec? It seems people are just interested in the number, for the number's sake only. If the device is fast and performs...
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    White or black?

    I think black looks better, but I may get the white one because smudges and fingerprints would be less conspicuous on the white.
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    Something isn't right

    Maybe HarryLarry is Superbike, lol. Just kidding, but to answer the question, it's because Apple doesn't think specs are that important. What's important is the user experience, ease of use, etc. Jobs talked about this at length in his keynote.
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    IPad disappointment

    LMAO. The two resident Android trolls, Superbike and Thphilli, back at it.
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    How many of you will consider an Android Tablet?

    Dude, you've totally lost credibility with me because I own a Samsung Galaxy S. I'm running Android 2.2.1, and Flash runs like crap. I have it permanently turned off for that reason. It's clear that you have one agenda only in terms of posting on this forum - bash Apple and praise...
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    Why are people complaining about flash support?

    The real reason iOS devices don't have Flash is because it would work like crap on these devices. Everyone talks about how Android allows Flash and how great that is, but they don't mention that it works like absolute crap even on Android phones. Flash just doesn't work right on portable devices...
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    Here comes the competition

    Of course not. We all have some complaints about the device. No device is perfect. But a search of your posts doesn't indicate the kind of constructive discourse you are referring to. What you have is an agenda - promote and glorify Android at the expense of iDevices. If you doubt me, just...
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    Here comes the competition

    Of course you disagree. You're one of the posters he was referring to!
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    How many of you will consider an Android Tablet?

    This thread should be closed. Why are there so many Android fanboys and Apple haters posting on this forum these days?
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    Here comes the competition

    That analogy doesn't work because the Mac market share is so minuscule, and it always has been. iOS is a different story. The iPhone and the iPad are the best-selling devices in their respective classes, by far. And it'll stay that way.
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    How many of you will consider an Android Tablet?

    I own both. The Galaxy S is OK, but you have to tweak the hell out of it to get anywhere near the smoothness and performance of the iPhone. If you do a search for Galaxy S, the most common topic is "lag fix". I rarely use it. I'm good with tinkering and tweaking my devices (I used to make custom...
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    How many of you will consider an Android Tablet?

    I think we all know that specs don't mean squat. The Galaxy S and HtC Evo and many other devices have much better specs than the iPhone. Are they kicking the iPhone's ass "all up and down the street", lol? Let's see this thing perform and wait for some reviews before the Xoom is christened as...
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    Here comes the competition

    People keep mentioning that Android has eclipsed iOS, but they fail to mention that the reality is there are dozens of Android models and 1 iPhone. Let's look at the figures for the HTC Desire vs. iPhone, lol
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    Congratulation - New iPAD Application of OUR Forum

    This app is sweet! Thanks for the heads up!
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    Anyone hoping for new ios UI

    I don't think you need to worry about the iPad staying competitive, bro. There may come a time when more Android tablets are sold than iPads, but that'll be like 50 Android models versus one iPad - just like it is with the iPhone versus Android phones now.
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    Anyone hoping for new ios UI

    We can all respect differences in opinion. The problem is, virtually all of these so-called shortcomings regarding the iPad are really, really old news. The walled garden, tightly controlled nature of the iOS devices is what sets them apart. Some people have complained about this aspect of...
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    Anyone hoping for new ios UI

    I don't understand all of this hand-wringing and almost belligerent tone of all of these posters who hate the iPad's "limited" OS. Just use something else. Buy an Android device. I'm not "simple minded" when it comes to gadgets. I just like the simplicity and elegance of the iPad. It just...
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    What is your start page?

    My start page is the last page I happened to have been viewing.
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    Windows 7 or Vista theme for iPad

    There still aren't very many themes that work well on the iPad. But there's one theme that is beautiful and vey complete. It's called Glass Orb for iPad by ToyVan, and it's available on Cydia for free. Here's a screenshot of my jailbroken iPad with the theme installed. You do need to...
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    Could this be why the new jailbreak didn't work for me?

    By the way, mine is also an MB model and it worked fine.
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    How do I get rid of this jailbreak?

    Just restore to the stock firmware.
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    Could this be why the new jailbreak didn't work for me?

    What's with the personal attack? Not being able to jailbreak your iPad is not a reflection on your intelligence, you just can't do it. Stop being so insecure. It's not a software bug. It's user error. More and more people have been able to do this after initially failing multiple times...
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    Jailbroken 3.2.2? Post your details here for those of us who cant!

    Congrats. Just as I suspected, people weren't putting the device into DFU mode correctly.
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    Jailbroken 3.2.2? Post your details here for those of us who cant!

    For those still having problems, try this: When you get to the part where you have to press the power and home buttons, follow this procedure instead and ignore the timing given to you by the limera1n app. How to enter iPhone in DFU Mode | iPhone DFU Mode | iPhoneHeat Make sure iTunes is...
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    The Limera1n Thread - Please keep all Limera1n news and problems here!

    Try to hold the home button a little longer.
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    The Limera1n Thread - Please keep all Limera1n news and problems here!

    I didn't have 3.2.2 pre-loaded. I was running 3.2.1 and updated to 3.2.2 immediately before jailbreaking. I also failed the first 3 times I tried Limera1n. Then I tried it with iTunes running and I adjusted the timing of the button presses/releases, and it worked. Back it the old days...
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    Could this be why the new jailbreak didn't work for me?

    The reason for my comment was that I also failed the first three times I tried it. Then I tried it with iTunes open and adjusted the timing of the button presses/releases, and it worked.
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    Could this be why the new jailbreak didn't work for me?

    It's because half the people here aren't doing it correctly...
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    Backup downloaded jailbroken apps...

    There's an app on Cydia called AptBackup. This doesn't actually back up the apps, but it backs up a list of the jailbreak apps, and once you restore and run the apps, it will re-download and install all of your jailbreak apps for you. There is currently no app that does a full backup of all...
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    The Limera1n Thread - Please keep all Limera1n news and problems here!

    These types of "difficulties" used to be the norm for jailbreak software until the newer one-click jailbreaks came out. It would always be like this, with numerous people reporting that it doesn't work. The key is the timing in the DFU mode. Just wait for some detailed videos, or wait until...