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    Charging my ipad with my pc

    cant find a y adapter ...tried a power hub didnt work
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    Charging my ipad with my pc

    As I said in my original post I am aware of the fact that macs will charge the ipad ...I had heard that someone was coming out with a solution to be able to charge ipads on pcs...
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    Charging my ipad with my pc

    I want to charge my ipad with my desktop pc thru the usb cable but it says no charge...I am using a new sony touchscreen ...does anyone make a usb cable that will increase voltage or whatever so that the ipad will charge on a pc like it will on a mac?
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    Transfer bookmarks from pc to Ipad ?

    I use firefox on my pc not do I copy over all my bookmarks to safari on the ipad?
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    USB charger for PC and IPAD

    Has anyone come out with a usb cord that will boost the voltage so you can charge an ipad on a non apple pc ?
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    I just installed an iPad in my car. I love it!!

    how do I get the info on how to install an ipad in my vehicle ...thx
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    nytimes, wsj, usa today

    The apps for these publications are great but I would like to be able to subscribe to the full daily editions not editors choice! I would like to be able to download these but I hear this is not possible with the ipad?