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  1. psmoore

    External memory for music?

    Thanks a lot for the reply. I need it mostly for my car so, no internet capable is the best. The music is burnt CD's. I do have Pandora but don't really use it. I had Sirius XM for awhile and liked it, but don't want to pay when I have a ton on CD's and mp3 files (over 40 gigs). Just wanted...
  2. psmoore

    External memory for music?

    I have the 16gig Air (I know I know to small but that's not changeable at this time) so I'm wondering if any of these external drives could store music and play on the iPad through said drive? Thanks for any suggestions. Paul
  3. psmoore

    Air vs Air 2.. which one to get

    Thanks for the suggestions and insight. I think I've narrowed it down and just gonna get the Air 32gig. It's a major upgrade for me as it is and will work for what I plan to do with it. Thanks again.
  4. psmoore

    Air vs Air 2.. which one to get

    A little more info. I Will be also using Amazon Prime, Netflix and Hulu for tv stuff. Photo editing.. I will be editing my photos and then moving them either to cloud storage, flickr, or a portable hard drive. I'm limited to those two. No more money the wife says! LOL
  5. psmoore

    Air vs Air 2.. which one to get

    I will be getting a new iPad this Friday. I still have the iPad 1. I can get the Air with 32 gig from Walmart for 399.00 or the Air 2 with 16 gig for 424.00. I will mostly be doing photo editing and maybe reading a book or two. Which one seems more logical? I'm leaning towards the 2 just...
  6. psmoore

    Dumb Synching question

    Well, I got all the books into Itunes and appropriate books to the right ipads. I am thinking that it had something to do with the way I was sending the books to the ipad through ecalibre. From now on, I will just add files to iTunes library and then check and uncheck as necessary. thanks...
  7. psmoore

    What are you reading now?

    Relic by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child
  8. psmoore

    Dumb Synching question

    One more thing.. do I need to be signed into iTunes with each account (I have one and my wife has a separate one)?
  9. psmoore

    Dumb Synching question

    I do that, and only a tenth of the books I selected are loaded. Then when I eject and plug in my wifes ipad, i goto device and then books in the center at the top in iTunes it shows the same books. I must be really confused! I appreciate all the help. Now today I did load all the books...
  10. psmoore

    Dumb Synching question

    I guess maybe I'm just a moron, but I used File - add folder and added all my books. Then connected my ipad and slected the books I wanted and hit Sync, and it only added about 10 of the books (maybe 100 books). iBooks has been doing this to me ever since I started using it. I'm going to...
  11. psmoore

    Dumb Synching question

    But the problem with that is, as soon as I click books to transfer from my library to iBooks, it automatically adds to sync selected books.
  12. psmoore

    Dumb Synching question

    I have two seperate iPads. My wife does not want the same books as I have. How can I have seperate books on both ipads and not loose them everytime I synch? Right now I added some books to my wifes and lost all of mine in iTunes, so now I have to go redo all my books. Very frustrating...
  13. psmoore

    Synching books to multiple iPads .....

    I have two ipads. 1 is my wifes and 1 is mine. We have different tastes in books. When I sync mine all my books are in iBooks. Then if I connect hers it tries to load all my books to hers and she doesn't want any of mine. Then when I get back onto mine in itunes it shows her books in the...
  14. psmoore

    iOS 5.0.1 Installed.. wifi still not working.

    I installed iOS 5.0.1 today hoping beyond hope that it would fix my problem, but alas, not wifi fix for me. Have done everything anybody and everybody has recommended, even erased everything and reinstalled 5.0, etc. I can connect to any wifi but where I work. The IT people here took my iPad...
  15. psmoore

    trouble downloading ios 5.0.1

    Probably just busy with everyone trying to get it.
  16. psmoore

    Wifi just stopped...

    Thanks for the reply. The reason I kept replying to my own thread is that I was trying to provide as much information as possible for someone to potentially help with. I can connect with my home router. I cannot connect with work router (I can with my laptop but not the iPad). I did a...
  17. psmoore

    Wifi just stopped...

    I did check with IT at work and her iPhone worked and connected just fine to the network, but still not my iPad. When we connect we get a popup window that makes us hit Connect Now button to connect. No window will pop up. I have block pop ups turned off in the settings.. UGH.. Any...
  18. psmoore

    ipad 2 won't connect to wireless network after iOS5 ugrade

    I am getting the same problem. There is no problem with the network. Other people can connect with ipads, ipods, etc. I can connect with my laptop but not my iPad. Very frustrating. I want to go back to the update before IOS5
  19. psmoore

    Wifi just stopped...

    My home wireless connected just fine. Gonna reset everything tomorrow and then sync and see if it works tomorrow night at work or not.
  20. psmoore

    Wifi just stopped...

    I've tried hard resets, resetting all settings to factory, shutting wifi off and then back on etc. i'm out of ideas. I'll have to let you know later about it working on other networks when I get home tonight. My wifes is working fine on our router at home.
  21. psmoore

    Wifi just stopped...

    I was on HBO GO watching a show and then all of sudden the wifi lost signal and now when I try to connect it just says can't join the network. But I know it's not a network issue as I'm at work and I'm on my laptop now and able to join the network, just not on the iPad?? Any suggestions...
  22. psmoore

    Changing the battery...

    Thanks alot. You guys rock. While looking this morning I saw that about switching out for the 99 fee. I'll have to call and see if there is a local store that switches them out or if I'll have to mail it in. Again, thanks for the help! Paul
  23. psmoore

    Changing the battery...

    Is there a way to put in new batteries? Mine seem to die pretty fast. Like in 4-5 hours. I've had this iPad 1 for a little over year now
  24. psmoore

    Organizing the video files?

    I put the info in under video and it made no difference.. ugh.. maybe one of these days. Is there a place on Apples website to send suggestions??
  25. psmoore

    Organizing the video files?

    Is it possible to organize my movies in the Videos section? If I keep a bunch it would be nice to put them into sub folders. Is that possible? Thanks. Paul
  26. psmoore

    Writing Papers

    My wife is gonna be needing to write some papers for school and submit them in Word format. What app can I get that she can write the paper, save it in Word and then how to get it to our computer when she's home to submit? Thanks for all the help. She'll not be home while writing the papers...
  27. psmoore

    iOS 5- what would you like to see for iPad?

    I'll agree with the numbers on the Main Keyboard. We also need a back arrow button, real annoying not having one.
  28. psmoore

    Icon placement question

    This might be dumb but here we go anyways. Can I arrange the icons on my home screen any way I like? I have an image of the Batman symbol in the center of the screen and the icons in row 2 obscure it. Was wondering if there is a way to put the second row at the bottom of the screen? Or do I...
  29. psmoore

    Ton of EA games for iPad going on sale

    I'm not real happy. Bought Sim City Deluxe last fricking night for 6.99
  30. psmoore

    SimCity Deluxe

    Anyone else playing that? I've never played any of the Sim City games and am completely lost! UGH!! Any help would be appreciated. Maybe sites to check out of how to play. I'm looking now too! Thanks.
  31. psmoore Apple TV GiveAway

    I retweeted the appropriate tweet. Come on, a guy can only watch so much Disney channel :D. I would gladly go to my room and use the Apple TV!!!
  32. psmoore

    WiFi help

    I'm just wondering if any of you are having problems with the Wifi as of late? I can connect with my wifi at home with zero problems, but at work it shows the the signal strength and in the settings it shows the name of the wifi but won't connect. Is there a way to manually connect that I'm...
  33. psmoore

    setting help

    Bejeweled Blitz started working this morning, but not Farmville. I guess I'm gonna try to uninstall and re-install the game and see if that helps.
  34. psmoore

    setting help

    I'm sure if I should post this here or the games section, so I'm gonna cross post to the games forum too, but I have downloaded Bejeweled Blitz 2 and Farmville and up until yesterday I could log in on the iPad and play. Now when I type in my Yahoo address it won't log in. I can log in with my...
  35. psmoore

    What is your favourite Halloween iPad apps

    Angry Birds Halloween edition!!! And the regular version too!
  36. psmoore

    What do you least like about iPad?

    What do you mean? Folders for authors?? That is true. But you can put your books in any order you want but holding down on the tile and just moving it where you want it, in a sense, organizing it. I would love to have a folders option where I can have a different folder for every author.
  37. psmoore

    Reminder app??

    An app that I can put in a specific day and time and it will send me a notification? Is there such an app? Thanks.
  38. psmoore

    iPad 2

    I already have the 64g and will be buying my wife one for Christmas. If the new version was out, with the same size screen as 1st gen I would buy the newer one, but for a 7 inch screen.....No!!!
  39. psmoore

    The iPad is just too heavy! :(

    I don't think it's too heavy to hold with one hand while reading a book. I do switch hands periodically, but in my opinion (not that mine matters much) not too heavy!
  40. psmoore

    This Forum Not iPad Friendly

    I too do not mind it the way it is. Expand and pinch. Would much rather have it this way then a mobile site.