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    Canadian iBook Store

    It is called Bill C-32 and there is a lot of opposition to this bill since it is supposedly a clone of the US copyright laws (DMCA) and would severely restrict the freedoms of ordinary Canadians. It is being pushed by the Conservative government and appears mainly to protect the rights of...
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    Canadian iBook Suggestions

    Yes. We also have access to Fictionwise (they have a lot of sales and specials) and Baen Books for collections of SF. Still it would be nice to have a choice and at least be able to see what the iBook store offers. Competition is good for price wars. As was said, there are enough other...
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    Canadian iBook Suggestions

    Yes, Kindle has been available for some time, now.
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    Canadian iBook Suggestions

    This looks like an interesting place with lots of discussion about our favourite slate, the iPad. I was among the first in Canada to receive my iPad and am the proud owner of the 64GB, 3GS, WiFi model. Like many others here I am frustrated with Apple's inability to bring content to their...